I stopped by Allure today to pick up their and got chatting to the owner (who is a lovely person by the way!). I was inspired by one of the dresses to do a sci-fi themed look. So after some cybernetic enhancements and a quick trip to the future later, this came out!

I recommend you pay a visit to Allure yourself because they have a TON of group gifts for mesh junkies like myself plus a free 50L$ giftcard for you to go wild with! I’ll be covering Allure again in the near future.. or the far future? 😉

Hair: Analog dog – Rebel rebel vanilla (Freebie)

Skin: Hush – June Tease (Group gift)

Eyes: Chus! – Seer lenses (Freebie)

Dress: Allure – Incubus vintage zipper dress (Group gift)

Boots: Drakke designs – Covergirl boots (Group gift)

Joint tattoo: Pixeldolls – Doll joints overlay

Circuit tattoo: iLOGIC – Female subdermal energy matrix (A very wearable free demo!)


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