Xanthe’s little guide to the cocodoll

The doll mesh avatar by Coco designs is made up of 2 separate parts. The body, which costs 450L$ to buy, and a head which costs 300L$ to buy. At the moment, there are 5 different heads to choose from and they all fit on the one body. Altogether, the avatar (1 body, 1 head) costs 750L$ which is actually an amazing price considering most mesh avatars these days are around the 1.5K mark!

The body has all the regular attachment points as the normal avatar, so all rigged mesh hairs will fit the head without any problem. Prim hairs will attach to the right spot but may need a little tweaking to get it to look perfect.

The body parts all attach on separately and it comes with 2 hand types, a spread finger hand and a more relaxed hand. It also comes included an upper and lower body with bandages on (in case you don’t want to be nakie!). The detachable parts are; head, torso, lower body, legs, feet, arms and hands.

When you choose a head, they all come with many variations; Closed eye head, Closed eye lashes, teeth, human ears, elf ears, open eye head, open eye lashes, grey, black, blue and red eyes. I don’t think you’d be able to mix and match parts from different heads because of the variation in face shape.

The head and body both have sets of alpha layers and shapes in case you lose a set. You don’t need to wear both the alphas in each body part.

Much like rigged hairs, rigged clothes will also attach to the right spot. Some clipping might occur around the stomach, thigh and buttocks but those parts can be removed so that the clothing fits properly (in the above picture, I had to remove the lower body part so that my butt wouldn’t clip through! I also had to remove the feet so they didn’t poke out of the boots.). Again, prim clothes will attach to the right spot but may need some tweaking.

Due to this being a mesh avatar, regular system clothing will not work. Only prim and mesh will be seen on the avatar.

If you’re having trouble finding clothes that fit, Coco designs has a few items of clothing made especially for the doll body, so you needn’t worry.

Your current avatar AO and any animations/dances will also play perfectly without sinking into the ground.

Avatar: Coco designs – Doll avatar

Head: Coco designs – Doll head 002A

Hair: Wasabi pills – Kumi

Dress: M&M – Boho style dress (Summer festival)

Necklace: Eat paste/ Distorted dreams – Unicorn cameo (10L$ on marketplace)

Shoes: Shushu trend – free boots (Old freebie)


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