I promise I have some regular avatar looks coming soon 🙂 Once I’ve got my hands on some Slink…hands..uh…yeah.

Every so often I’ll get fan mail from people telling me about cute new shops, freebies, sims and stuff they think I’d be interested in.

Stinatard reminded me of Elikatira! I’d heard of Elikatira before from a while back but I didn’t know they were into Mesh hairs too. So I ran over to have a look and what do you know? Mesh hairs, good ones, for 75L$ or less (I did see some for 66L$!). I tried on EVERY SINGLE demo instore and these two came up tops in my book. I could only afford to buy one colour (each single colour pack includes 5 different tones) of each for 75L$ but if you have a little bit more money than I do, then the full colour fatpacks are only 86L$. Which is a brilliant price considering Lamb will run you a good 300L$ for mesh hairs.

So if you’re new to SL, starting to get into meshes or if you’re just broke (like me!) then I definitely suggest Elikatira. At 75L$ a pop? It’s a steal!

Avatar: Coco designs – Doll coco av

Hair: Elikatira – Abbey, Interrupt

Dress: Nyhilistic – Marks one dress (Free @SFF)


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