Ooh Slinky ;D So I caved and bought myself a pair of slink hands and I LOVE them. They’re much more diverse than the mesh hands I was wearing before (which are good if you want something cheap and quick) and I found these pretty nail appliers on the marketplace for 1L$!

So here I am in World’s end garden (again). These took a while to take because I was stood in an area lots of people walked through. So I kept getting nudged out of frame by people barging past and needing to recompose myself again grrr…

Big thanks to AlexandHero who gave me all those links to hair brushes! You were a huge help and I think I’m nailing it 🙂

Skin: The sugar garden – Hope

Hair: Elikatira – Abbey

Dress: Azul – Jun 2012 (group gift)

Feet: Meli Imako – Mesh tip toe feet (Free)

Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui – Stacked pearls (Free @Freestyle HQ)

Nails: Starry heaven – Cotton candy nails Slink appliers (1L$ on marketplace)


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