I decided to give a Glam Affair skin a try after seeing a few posts on flickr. I do really like it! It’s very different from my usual sugary-sweet flawless skinned look but I think this is much cleaner and a lot more realistic. The Cleo skin that I’m wearing comes with lots of options for defined pores, freckles, lipglosses and even nose styles! I’m wearing the shape I usually wear with my Sugar Garden skin but I changed the size of the lips very very slightly because (it doesn’t look like it on my hope skin) they were actually very large and I had no idea! Goes to show how much a change of skin can completely change your look!

This beautiful pastel dress is a free group gift from Vero Modero and they also have a LOT of other group gifts there too. I recommend you check them out for group gifts with a lot of variety.

Skin: Glam affair – Cleo

Hair: Elikatira – Thrive

Dress: Vero modero – March dress (Group gift)


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