I did a bit of trend-spotting at the Cosmetic fair today to see what was hot amongst makeup designers recently. It seem the summer sun has brought out the rainbow because bright, bold, vivid, neon colours are definitely in this season. The bolder the better. Also artsy eyeliner seems to be getting more daring with plenty of sexy feline cat-eyes making its way onto the podiums!

Aemeth have their ‘Applecheek’ blush out. Again (please stop recycling it, Aemeth! Especially since lots of us got it free from previous fairs!)

But my personal star of the show was these lip tints by Rozena. Anybody who knows me well will know I’m a real sucker for ombre. Ombre nails, ombre hair, ombre clothes and most of all, ombre lips. And when I saw these adorable lip tints at the fair, I had to grab a handful. Each colour comes with a teeth and no teeth version and they’re all in beautiful shades of cheeky pink, sexy red and even quirky orange! 99L$? Give them all to me!

Skin: Glam affair – Cleo

Hair: Exile – Release me

Eyes: IKON – Vanity denim (Past group gift)

Eyelashes: Maitreya – mesh eyelashes (group gift)

Lipstick: Rozena – juicy tint, Ramune pink (99L$ @Cosmetic fair)


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