The fall of Wall Edelweiss

Here are the pictures I promised 😉

The Attack on Titans soldier’s uniform is free from Edelweiss along with a demo for the 3D manoeuvre system. The uniform doesn’t come with the emblem-changer HUD but it’s wearable all the same. The emblem I’m wearing above is the one belonging to the stationary guard. No particular reason for choosing it though haha.

The full version of this kit is 20% off right now and it contains the full 3D manoeuvre system, male and female uniforms with emblem changers, 2 static poses (the salute and the jump seen above) and a titan training dummy with both English and Japanese callouts.

Edelweiss has also set up a 3D gear playground for you to run around and fight in. The playground looks like the real place in the Manga/Anime and even has moving titan dummies for you to practice on if you don’t have anywhere to put your personal dummies! Unfortunately for those not fluent in Japanese, the dummies in the playground do not have English callouts but it’s simple to just run them through a translator and memorize the symbols. I believe there are callouts saying you’ve been eaten, you’ve killed the titan and you’ve attacked the titan but he didn’t die. I died a lot at first because the system definitely takes a little bit to get the hang of but very soon I was slashing up titans left and right!

So pop on down to Edelweiss, grab yourself a free uniform and try out the demo at Wall Edelweiss!

Skin: Glam affair – Cleo

Hair: Truth – Hollana

Eyes: Ikon – Vanity (Past group gift)


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