Lollipop Chainsaw


Hey all! My good friend Horror on tumblr has started up and new shop and she made this badass Juliet uniform from the video game Lollipop chainsaw! It’s so well made I definitely couldn’t resist dressing up as Juliet and chopping up some zombles 😀 The price is a steal too! For only 125L$ you get a mesh top and skirt in many sizes plus the San Romero Knights socks! All you need to finish off the look are a pair of zombie-stomping kicks and some pretty little pigtails. But don’t forget about Juliet’s signature strawberry lollipop though!

Skin: Essences – Noodles (TCF)

Hair: Exile – Bring it on (Past group gift)

Eyes: IKON – Vanity (Past group gift)

Uniform: The horror! – Lollipop chainsaw mesh outfit (125L$)

Lollipop: ESB – Lollipops (Free on the marketplace)

High tops: Energie – Red high chucks (1L$ on marketplace)


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