She’s made of Pure Poison


Hello ladies and gents! This is the first post to my new WordPress blog! I decided to make a WordPress as well as a Tumblr because I’d gotten a few requests from readers who wanted to follow me on WP without having to make a Tumblr account. So I listened! I’m still learning so bear with me. I have lots of great things to tell you guys today so I won’t chit chat any longer!

So I stopped by Pure Poison today to pick up their subscribo gift. PP make really beautiful modern jewelry so I definitely couldn’t pass up a freebie! There are other group gifts in the store however the group costs 100L$ to join. Subscribos are always free to touch so by all means, go wild! The gift was this really lovely gold, silver and black necklace and I thought it was very up to date with the current multi-metal triangle/pyramid trends going around.

Also if you walk down the road a bit from PP, you’ll come across a place called ‘Fashion stars’ and I noticed that they had a lot of Group Gifts from Livglam out if you join the FS group! There are 5 dresses in total at the store and you can pick all of them up for free!

Finally, I tried my luck on the Essences skin gacha at The Chapter Four and managed to nab myself the ‘Your majesty’ skin, which I traded to a sweet lady who gave me the browless version so I could still wear my light hairs! I also got this LOVELY hairband from TCF too. I’ve been looking for a spiked hairband at a decent price for a long while. There are a couple gifts out at TCF including a group gift set of two pastel rompers and I believe one of the designers in the gacha room has a free giftie out for you all!

Onto the news! 4 new designers have joined my wonderful team of sponsors in the past day so I hope you’ll all take the time to check out their stuff. The new sponsors are Half deer, Little bones, Outrage reloaded and Bunni designs! Thank you so much to all of you. I really appreciate the recognition! As always you can check out all the sponsors in the sponsors/affiliates tab and for more information on how to become a sponsor can be found in the review policy!

Sorry if these images today aren’t quite up to scratch as they normally are. I actually had to edit these using the trackpad on my laptop. I think considering that I didn’t do an awful job haha!

Skin: Essences – Noodles (TCF)

Hair: Elikatira – Thrive

Eyes: IKON – Vanity (Past group gift)

Dress: Livglam – K collection Emily mini dress (Group gift @FS)

Necklace: Pure Poison – Lora necklace (Subscribo gift)

Bracelet: Pure Poison – Wikie spikes bracelet (Old gift)

Ring: AD – Sun goth ring (Free @SFF)

Shoes: Little bones – Black maidens 

Hairband: Zenith – Thorn headband (TCF)

Clutch: Ricielli – Gia clutch (15L$ Hunt prize)

Belt: Gos – cinch belt




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