When the city meets the country

And so this is what a day’s work looks like. Altogether it’s exactly 250 prims and contains furniture from Bazar, ionic, What next, supernerd and more!

I rented this little Skydome after getting tired of having to rez my own photo studio in sandboxes and not having anywhere safe to go AFK while I edit photos and write blogs.

I really liked the shabby-chic, eco look of the house from the Ionic gacha at Chapter Four so I continued the theme. Also, there’s a small little photo studio on the right hand path and a pretty gazebo with a quirky little tub to the left of the house!

You’re all very much welcome to pay me a visit and come see the house, I turn on my security ball though when I’m not at home so if you can’t get in then chances are I’m not there! But if I’m home, you’re free to have a bimble around and use my studio even if I’m AFK 🙂 Taxi: Socksamillion

Now onto my outfit today!


The Horror! has a new super cheap and super cute new release you can grab. This pretty mesh blazer and shirt  combo is available in 4 different colours and designs. AND, here’s the best part, it’s only 60L$! So I paired it with my 15L$ clutch bag and jeans from Ricielli and my 50% off Maitreya heels and voila! I felt very sophisticated and glamorous.


My friend Bunni took me to a hair shop yesterday that I can honestly say I’d never heard of. And boy are their prices good! Most store will charge you 250L$ for mesh hairs, Burley’s prices all seemed to be around the 150L$ mark and they are so worth it! I was so stuck for choice but I could only choose one for now, I’ll definitely be going back to get more!

Skin: Essences – Noodles (TCF)

Hair: Burley – Alicia

glasses: Dela – De1 sunglasses (Old freebie)

Top: The Horror! – Pink leopard blazer

Jeans: Ricielli – Anna jeans (15L$ hunt prize)

Shoes: Maitreya – Suave heels (50% off)

Bag: Ricielli – Gia clutch (15L$ hunt prize)

Bracelet: KOSH – Selva oscura bracelet (1L$)

earrings: KOSH – Selva oscura earrings (1L$)

Necklace: Fairy tail – Antique key pendant (1L$)


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