Announcement: I’m fabulous??


Hey guys n’ gals! As you may or may not have heard, I applied to be a blogger for Fabfree last week. Fabfree is a team of Second Life fashion bloggers who get together to bring you the freest, cheapest and fabulousest (It’s a word now okay?) outfits on the grid.

The good news is I was accepted onto the team! Which is amazing since I’ve been following Fabfree since I joined SL two years ago. I never in a million years dreamed that after just 2 months of blogging I’d be writing for Fabfree. It’s going to be a very exciting time I’m sure of it!

“But does this mark the end of Xantheanne’s 2nd life?” you may ask.

Absolutely not! X2L will remain my personal blog, you guys will still get the posts that I publish to FF. However, the items will only be credited on the FF post. So of course you guys will still be updated here and on Tumblr, but in order to comply with the rules, you’ll only be able to see the credits for the outfits if you go to the FF post (don’t worry! I’ll link it! You’ll only ever be 1 click away I promise). And if I create any outfits that do not fit into the FF blog, they’ll be posted here with credits as usual!

Sponsors! Do not fret, I will not be neglecting you either! I will still blog your items as usual and, as I mentioned above, credits will be available on the FF posts (where they’ll get 1000’s more views than my tiny little corner of the web could offer you).

So I hope you all understand what’s happening here and if you have any questions, as always, feel free to IM me inworld. I’m more than happy to answer any queries or even just to have a chat 🙂 I’m friendly I promise. 😉 And I’m looking forward to seeing you all from the other side of the Fabfree dashboard!


PS. I also have a cheesy catchphrase now…nice


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