Keep your cool


Now that the Arcade is over for a while, I found I was having gacha withdrawal symptoms. Good thing The Okinawa summer festival is going on then! It’s a simwide event when many designers set up tents and sell exclusives, set up luckyboards and tinker with gacha machines!

The dress I’m wearing is a luckybard prize by KDM and that kicked off the watermelon theme hehe. If you don’t want to wait for your letter though, you can buy it for 31L$ at the event! Be sure to pick up these sunglasses for 1L$ at the same tent too!


My cute bear-ear sunhat is a gacha prize and it comes in lot of cute variations from kitty ears to bunny ears to mouse ears! My delicious slushy drink is another gacha prize at the festival and that too comes in a lot of fun variations and colours!

My button ring is a new release from Mes petites coutures and it comes with many colour change options! You can change the colour of the button, the string and even the metal all with one hud!

I wasn’t going to do the Flat Rodvik meme since it’s already wednesday. But you guys get bonus points if you can spot him 😉

Skin: Essences – Noodles

Hair: La viere – Gisele

Hat: PR21 – Hat 02 (gacha OSF)

Glasses: KDM – Suika glass (1L$ OSF)

Dress: KDM – Kuhles dress (Luckyboard OSF)

Leggings: Lark – Sweet girl leggings (Old hunt prize)

Ring: MPC – Bouton ring

Drink: Poche – Summer drink (gacha OSF)



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