Goodnight, Rabbit


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first X2L exclusive! This post will only be available on this blog and the credits are below as opposed to being linked over on Fabfree!

So who’s been to The Arcade yet? I’ve spent so much money there already and I fell in love with Tee*fy’s Sleeping kit and Mishmish’s adorable little chipmunks! But before I get too carried away…


Halogen has outdone herself once again with her beautiful gacha creations! These sweet bunny ears come in so many varieties including 4 beautiful Rares for you to snap up! They’re 100% unrigged mesh so you can position them as needed. Half deer also has another gacha up and it’s a huge set of pretty carved animal decorations which I haven’t shown here (but trust me, they’re so cute to play around with).

My good friend Amelie has opened up a marketplace store called Hello, Rabbit! At the moment she’s selling skins and her first one is very pretty. If you were fans of Amitomo before it closed down then Amelie’s first release, Hyori Rosette, is perfect for you! Very soft features and glossy pink lips!

Hope you’re feeling lucky! Please don’t take my rabbit’s feet!


The arcade

Hair: Exile – Just a reason

Dress and mask: Tee*fy – Sleeping kit

Ears: Half deer – Velven bunny ears

Shoes: Ilo – ballet flats

Bed: Art dummy – Slumber

Pillow pose: Click – Pillow fight!

Chipmunks: Mishmish – chipmunk gacha

Books: Lark – Imaginarium Librarium

Stuffed toys: U.R favourite one – My sitting doll friends

Necklace: Dead apples – Antlers chain necklace


Skin: Hello rabbit! – Hyori Rosette

Eyes: Ikon – vanity

Tail: Half deer – bunny tail


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