The end of World’s End


Lucia Genesis, owner of the store World’s End Garden, has announced the closure of the mainstore sim on the 18th of October.


I remember the first time I teleported into World’s End garden. I’d been tipped off on some group gifts in the area that I’d wanted to check out. There was no way I was expecting to land in the most beautiful sim on the grid. I want to try and recreate my first experience with WEG as best as possible so that those of you who have never seen it can try and visualise it.

I was surrounded on all sides by roses of many colours, behind me was a rusty, lop-sided carousel and in front of me was a rickety looking walkway leading up and over the flowers. Despite the desolate condition of the carousel I still found it incredibly beautiful. Travelling deeper into the floral forest I came upon a small gazebo, inside was a rocking chair and several empty bird cages. The gazebo looked as if it were surrounded by the remains of a derelict house. The apple of temptation called my name as I drew near but a disheveled door caught my eye. It didn’t appear to lead anywhere but upon opening it, I was transported up and out of the cave of flowers.

When I landed I was greeted with yet more surprising beauty. To my front was a ruined wooden lodge, overgrown with flowers and behind me were the remains of a wrought iron fence, brought down over the years by the weight of climbing ivy and red roses. I decided to investigate the lodge further. On the porch lay a black cat that didn’t seem to mind the state the abode was in and simply gazed out over the endless ocean on all sides. A few furnishings were left inside, an old writing desk, two black seats with a table of red wine between them and several dress forms surrounding a gnarled tree that had grown up from beneath the house and protruded through the rotten floorboards. Leaning against the creaking walls were multiple displays with butterflies pinned to the canvases. I decided to continue through the house and see what was waiting for me on the other side.

The back of the lodge was very different to the verdant entrance. I saw nothing over the horizon but ocean that seemed to span on forever. Just outside the back porch lay a small dining set beneath a canopy that had been blown over in the wind and left teetering on three posts. There was no ground beneath the modest table and chairs, instead it appeared as if the ocean came right up to the back porch. A snuffed-out candle stood proudly on the table on a sheet of lace cloth. I paused before perching on one of the unstable chairs and admired the view that stretched out before me. The lodge’s back gate had been washed away long ago and all that remained was the archway and a few pickets. Beyond that a small, seemingly untouched little boat rocked and swayed as the mysterious tide lapped at the house.

Eager to explore more of this mysterious land I stood up and darted upstairs. There I’d found the gifts I was searching for, but I was no longer interested, instead I went out onto the balcony where I found a rusted telescope looking out over the sea. It told me of a falling star that landed out in the ocean. However, I saw no feasible way of reaching it without a boat. How very wrong I was.

Leaving the creaking house behind I decided to make my way towards the fenced-off roses. They’d grown tall and most of them brushed my waist as I waded through but I soon came to a tiny clearing with a single bench in it. Beside the bench was an old, crackling radio that had clearly seen better days but something else had me more intrigued. The roses grew out of no soil I could see. Instead they protruded from the ocean beneath my feet. I found I wasn’t sinking either, but rather I was walking over the waves as if they were concrete slabs. My hopes of finding the fallen star lifted and I darted out over the ocean on foot.

I found many curious things out on the sea. A painter’s easel spoke to me as I admired the painting of a lodge in it’s glory days surrounded by colour and light. A sunken, ruined house filled with black butterflies and a piano that played beautiful music without the aid of a pianist. A leather chair stood beside a table full of wine glasses. They looked tempting but I quickly backed away when they spoke of a man who drank the poisoned wine. I left for the ocean once more until I came across an abandoned church building. It’s walls were broken and overgrown, parts of it had sunk into the sea but still a holy light shone down upon me through the stained glass window. Behind me was another mysterious door. Opening it transported me to somewhere I wasn’t expecting. White. Nothing but white as far as the eye could see. I took a step forward, then another until a gleaming meadow of white roses came into view. I continued towards it and came to rest at an alter, a statue of Jesus Christ hung above it surrounded on all sides by trees so white they almost vanished into the pure abyss around me. I left the bright white meadow through the same door and arrived back in the rugged white church where I continued to explore.

My next port of call was another meadow of flowers. They seemed to emit strange golden orbs from them. A crow stood atop a lonely harp and spoke to me about the heavens. Behind the harp were more bird cages filled with flowers and columns of stone. They appeared much older than the other structures here and seemed in much better condition. Ravens circled above the pillars and beside it stood yet another mystery door. Opening this one took me to another white place. A single large tree stood behind an oversized birdcage containing several butterflies. Words spun around my head, trying to read them made me feel dizzy so instead I ran back to the door and came out by the ancient ruins once  more.

I was tired, my walk across the ocean seemed to last hours and I’d seen all that I could see. My hopes of finding the fallen star dwindled as I took a seat out on a lonesome rocking chair, gazing out over infinity. Then I heard a voice, calling me further out into the sea. It beckoned me closer and in the distance I could see shooting stars falling from the clouds and landing into the sea. I ran out to greet them and at my feet lay a bottle. Inside the bottle were several glittering golden stars…


I’ve always liked telling stories but my bumbling words do the sim no justice at all. Here is a set on my Flickr showing every photo I’ve ever taken at the WEG sim. I hope you enjoy them.

Unfortunately all that is left of the magical place I described above is what you seen in the photo. Whilst still very gorgeous, it is definitely just a small fragment of what it used to be.

Thank you Lucia for making such an incredible sim. I know I’ll have very fond memories of it for a long time to come. I don’t think I will ever find a sim that could hold a candle to The Garden at World’s End…



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