Cold blush

Cold blush

Cardigan & Sweater: BCC – Catty cardigans (G&N fair)
Bag: U.F.O – Catty three concept bag (G&N fair)
Skirt: Miseria – Buffy skirt (G&N fair)
Tights: Cannibelle – Angel wing tights (Acid Lily gallery)
Shoes: Boom – Posy pumps (Shoetopia)
Necklace: Olive – The scout’s heart pendant (G&N fair)

Calling all nerds n’ geeks! The Geeks n’ Nerds fair is now underway and there are lots of cool, amazing and awesome goodies to be had from comics, movies, tv shows and more!

You can’t be a geek without a bit of Argyle print right? Miseria has a massive selection of Argyle mini-skirts in a vast variety of colours. They’re just the right combination of cute and nerdy and should be a staple in all your geeky outfits! Athena, who is the sweetest person alive, was kind enough to send me a fatpack, so you guys will definitely be seeing a LOT more of these adorable skirts in future posts!

Harry Potter fans will love these warm and cosy Professor Umbridge inspired fuzzy cardigans from BCC. The turtleneck sweater even comes with a colour change HUD  so you can match it with any outfit and even dress it up for Christmas.

Cold blush

Skin: OoYuki – Rone LB (Luckyboard prize)
Hair: Elikatira – Conclusion (retired)
Eyes: IKON – Vanity

How can I forget this adorable heart necklace from Olive? It’s a Sailor Moon inspired gacha prize at the event and there are a lot of combinations you can win!

The skin I’m wearing is one of two luckyboard prizes over at OoYuki. This skin is on the group-free board, meaning you don’t have to fork out 150L$ to win it. But if you want a chance to win the other skin (which is equally cute!) you’ll have to join the group. There are also a set of free teeth tattoo layers (not shown) on the desk as you enter so be sure to pick those up too!


Location: Bonne Chance


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