Wreath: Boom – Nature’s crown
Cape: Junbug – Sweet pixie floral mini cape (Gacha)
Dress: Somnia – Classy Perennial (Free store credit)
Shoes: Roly-Poly – Josephine heels (Free)
Poses: Le Poppycock – Cocky set

I have a fantastic deal to tell you about today! The Somnia VIP group reached 1000 members recently and in order to celebrate, Sanura is giving all group members 500L$ store credit absolutely free! All you have to do is waltz in, join the group (Free to join!), touch the vendor and get your shopping shoes on! Most of the items instore are 200L$ each and come in multicolour fatpacks, so I managed to swipe up 2 packs and a little skybox from the discount section upstairs with my 500L$. This offer is only valid until December 17th so make sure you claim your store credit sooner rather than later! I decided to wear the ‘Classy Perennial’ dress I bought for this shoot because it is exactly what it says on the box! Very classy with its pretty brocade print on the top. Somnia has tons of items both mesh and non-mesh as well as accessories for KittyCatS pets, skyboxes and homes, tattoos, Neko sets, Piercings and even a couple of luckyboards! So why are you still here? Go!


Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Hair: Eaters coma – Hair 44 (C88)
Lipstick: Buzzeri – Fairy gloss
Eyeshadow: Buzzeri – Twinkle shadows

I found a store on  the Marketplace a long time ago called Roly-Poly and I was happy to see they’re still around today! They have lots of free shoes and eyes at their store so I brushed the dust off my old Josephine heels in Teal to match this Violet/green inspired outfit! The shoes are 0L$ and are resize scripted so you can be sure they’ll fit like a dream. The Josephine heels come with ribbon and no ribbon versions included in case you want that pop of colour without the girly bows.


Location: Forests of Shara


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