The Clumsy Enchantress

The Clumsy Enchantress

Cauldron + Books: Zigana – Potion master (Group gift)
Wand: Evocative – Lantern scepter (5L$)
Shoes: Ison – Two tone wedge
Skybox: The black forest – Dungeon maze and Alchemy lab (Free)


I’m pleased to inform you all that my good friend and owner of Buzzeri, Leri, was accepted as a designer for the upcoming round of Kustom 9! From December 15th, you can pick up some really lovely and beautifully made makeups in 7 stunning colours. The Enchantress packs include eyeshadow, lipstick tattoo and Loud mouth appliers. There’s also a very pretty and versatile eyebrow tattoo which you can tint to match any wild or crazy colours imaginable. In the photos, I’m wearing only the lipstick applier in Poison apple but if you take a browse through the gallery at the end of this post you can check out the eyeshadows and loud mouth appliers too (one colour isn’t shown due to technical difficulties I had, but it’s a very lush ruby red colour ❤).

No Enchantress is quite complete without her spellbooks and potions right? Well you can grab this very nice set of Witchy decor from Zigana. The Cauldron and potion drawer (on my head) and the scattered books (held) are both group gifts from the store. The best part? The group is free to join!

The Clumsy Enchantress

Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Hair: Cheveux – xmas group gift (group gift)
Lipstick: Buzzeri – Enchantress poison apple (Kustom 9)
Outfit: Loordes of London – Carpathia (PSR)


Also in freebie news, the skybox from The Black Forest I shot these photos in is actually totally free too! All the furnitures, bookcases, furnaces and Chandeliers are included in the set and it’s 100% mesh goregousness! I’m not done yet though, this cute ponytail hair is a free group gift from Cheveux and comes in both brown and blonde versions, scripted and unscripted versions as well as scalp tattoos to ensure your hair fits perfectly on any shape. Cheveux switches their gifts around very often so keep an eye on their free group for more information.

And finally, a new round of Pure sales room has once again opened it’s doors to the public and I decided to show you all one of Loordes of London’s pretty outfit for their booth! The top and skirt are all in one mesh pieces so you don’t have to faff about with which size shirt will fit on which size skirt and I thought it gave off a very urban Witchy vibe as well as being cosy for the coming winter months!

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