Sweet like Chocolate

Sweet like Chocolate

Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Hair:Mina – Noor (50% off)
Jewelry: Lazuri – Esme (Group gift)
Top: LPD – Candy Top (Wonka Hunt)

Hello Sweeties! There’s an awesome hunt going on around the Grid called the Wonka Event Hunt! Lots of awesome (and very Haute Couture) designers are taking part and offering sweet and chocolatey goodies for you to grab for free! I’m showing off this great peplum top you can get from Les Petits Details! The way this hunt works is that the hunt gifts are split into two parts. In this case, the belt for this top is hidden somewhere at the LPD mainstore and the top itself is hidden somewhere at the KV Dream Fashion Agency sim so you have to visit both locations and find both lollipops in order to complete the hunt item! I’m so thrilled with this top though, Turquoise and chocolate is one of my favourite colour combinations so I ran out to grab it as soon as I could! The Wonka Event also has a special discount store where all the exclusive items sold are no higher than 400L$! And to top it all off, there will be an awesome fashion show going on at 1pm SLT on December 19th featuring pieces from all the fabulous designers at 50% off! Now if that doesn’t tingle your tastebuds then I don’t know what will.

These fabulous boots from Eudora are a free group gift for this Christmas. I thought they went so beautifully with the rest of my outfit I just had to show them off. The textures are incredibly detailed and the mesh is just so realistic, boots like these could easily cost you 900L$ but no, totally 100% free. The Eudora group is free to join and I don’t know when these gifts will be taken down so better grab ’em while their hot! There’s even a men’s gift too so don’t worry fellas, we aren’t leaving you out in the cold!

Sweet like Chocolate

Antlers: Bokeh – Candy dipped antlers
Pants: Mutresse – Dupla ruffled leggings
Boots: Eudora – Steampunk boots (Group gift)
Bag: Axix – Oh! Deer bag (Suicide dollz)

Finally, Lazuri has this very pretty jewelry set out for those who have joined their group. As always with Lazuri gifts, you get the entire set (Earrings, bracelet, necklace) with many different colour change options. The catch is the group is no longer free to join, so if you’re not a member you will have to fork out 250L$ to get in. But I totally think it’s worth it, Lazuri are extremely generous with their gifts and pop out new ones very regularly, not to mention you get to take part in group only sales on new release items before any other regular customers! Bonus!

Location: Hazardous


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