Frosty Friends

Frosty Friends

Skirt: Miseria – Buffy Skirt
Tights: Umeboshi – Sheer stockings (Group gift)
Fox: Beetlebones – Arctic friends (Frost)
Skates: The secret store – Ice skates (Arcade)
Pose: Starry heaven – Come skate away

And so, Kustom 9 has rolled around again once more and it’s a big one! There are tons of designers both new to the event and old but all have one thing in common; amazing discounts! I bought this snuggly minty coat from Offbeat before you could say ‘Brrrrr’. The coat comes with two styles and a colour change HUD to change what shirt you’re wearing underneath. Plus, with it’s liquid meshy-goodness, standard sizes are out the window! I also bought this toasty mug of hot chocolate from Lethal Couture. You get 3 colours in a pack, each pack comes with animated and unanimated mugs, ones with whipped cream and ones without, and a milky moustache tattoo layer!

My hair with hood is a group gift from Ronsem. If my memory serves me well, the Ronsem group always had a fee to join but it seems that fee has vanished in lieu of the Holidays and now you can get all their group gifts for free! The hood comes with a colour change HUD where you can tint both the ears and the hood to match your outfit exactly. Also the little hair tie is tintable too! The only part that isn’t tintable is the hair though.

Frosty Friends

Skin: Mariko – Yejin
Hair: Ronsem – 2012 Christmas GG (Group gift)
Mug: LC – Hot chocolate (Kustom 9)
Coat: Offbeat – Suedette vintage coat (Kustom 9)

Finally, the Frost event over at the RMK gothic mall is finally open to the public and Beetlebones have outdone themselves again! You can get this cute little foxy friend along with many others from the Arctic friends gacha at the event! He animated depending on whether you are sitting, standing, walking or flying and there’s even an avatar version with AO you can win as well. Needless to say I am now penniless but it was so, so worth it.


Location: Small town green


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