The Artist

The artist

Skin: Mariko – Yejin
Hair: Little bones – Bullfighter jacket (Group gift)
Hoodie: Room of amo – Cowichan hoodie (Group gift)
Paint: Half deer – Paint splatter


Ladies and Gentlemen, a new round of The Chapter four has begun! So hang onto your purses because there are tons of adorable gachas, discounts, 2 for 1’s and cheapies for you to grab for a limited time only!

Half Deer’s gacha machine for this round is full to bursting with my three favourite words; Floral, pastel and shoes! The Obel sneakers come in a huge variety of colours you can win and the rare even comes with a colour change HUD! The good news is you can wear these with or without Slink flat feet (but obviously they look better if you have them) so not to worry if you got over-excited and didn’t read the label! Also in the gacha area of TCF are Birdy’s incredibly cute pocket pets. You can win one of many cute little kittens, puppies and bunnies to stick in your pocket and take with you wherever you go. Every pocket comes with a colour change HUD (yes, even the commons) so you can match them to all of your outfits!

The artist

Top: Beetlebones – Freebie tanks (Free)
Skirt: Zup – Mesh belted skirt (5L$)
Pocket: Birdy – Pocket pets (TCF)
Tights: Umeboshi – Pabu tights
Shoes: Half deer – Obel sneakers (TCF)

Little Bones‘ very own Nova Monroe has outdone herself yet again by sending out a copy of her new release in special colours to members of the group. The Bullfighter jacket hair is incredibly adorable and comes in four exclusive colours for absolutely free! I really love how cute this hair is so I’ll definitely be picking it up in more colours as soon as they’re released! Nova throws free hairs in your face whenever she makes them (which is very often!) so be sure to join the Little Bones group and stay there to keep in the loop! As always with her gifts, they will only remain in the past notices for 14 days, after which time they will no longer be available so, hop to it!




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