Mermaid in the pond

Mermaid in the pond

Tail: Cynefin – Ningya mermaid tail
Gills: The siren’s lair – Realistic Gills (10L$)

I have something super awesome to show you guys today! You budding RPers, mythical creatures and those with colourful wardrobes are going to love this beautiful tail from Cynefin. Azaiya Aeon was kind enough to send me a couple of her beautiful tails to show you guys and you will not be disappointed. The Ningya tails are 100% rigged mesh and they come with a bunch of standard sizes to ensure a great fit on any body type, two different bra styles, seamless textures from the waist to the mesh and a little bonus box with all of the above but in a colour ideal for tinting! The tail is available in 10 stunning colours for only 300L$ each. What baffles me the most is the completely seamless and flawless textures on the tail, as soon as I added the jacket layer, I couldn’t tell where the mesh started anymore! I’d had previous experience in my noob days with the good old fashioned tattoo legs and flexiprim fins but Cynefin’s Ningya tails will definitely take your undersea-antics to a whole new (and beautiful!) level. A staple for any merfolk new or experienced. Try on a Demo and see for yourself.

Mermaid in the pond

Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Hair: Xplosion – Riva
Wreath: Swallow – Agape headpiece

I also found some 10L$  realistic gills on the marketplace from a store aptly named The Siren’s Lair, which I tinted and added them to the tail to make it look a little more three dimensional and …well…realistic! The gills come in a lot of options including ones for your ears, neck and collarbone, but they’re all separate so you can wear as few or as many as you like.



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