Pink Sugar

Pink sugar

Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Eyes: Buzzeri – Hime eyes (Kustom9)
Brows: Buzzeri – Katie brows (Kustom9)
Blush: Gang/Cold – The cold is coming (Cosmetic fair)
Eyeshadow: Gang/Cold – Frost eyes (Cosmetic fair)
Eyeliner: Gang/Cold – Eyeliners (Cosmetic fair)
Lipstick applier: The sugar garden – Chu lips (Cosmetic fair)
Nails: Chic Zafari – Nails claw couture art (Cosmetic fair)
Pose: Zzang – Pin up dolls (Kustom9)


Hey pretty girls! There’s a ton of things I wanna talk about today including’s new Cute azz, The Cosmetic fair and a new round of Kustom9! So grab yourself a cup o’ joe and have your scrolling- hand at the ready!

So a couple days ago, Luck inc. (the creators of the famous Phat azz booty enhancement) came out with something that made me giddy with excitement! Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Phat azz’s slimmer and more adorable younger sister the Cute azz! I’m so excited about this product because although I loved the mesh on the Phat azz, I felt the shape was very overwhelming on my slender figure. But now you can have perfect joints and a smooth butt when you sit down without altering your shape to suit a well-endowned rear-end. All Phat azz appliers will work with the Cute azz so you don’t have to worry about buying more of those and (this is the best part) it will fit some of your standard sized mesh clothing! I tested it out on my lingerie, skirts and dresses the other day so if you’re interested to see how it fits, click here. Initially when I put it on fresh out of the box, I was a little worries by the shape, but increasing your hip length and decreasing your hip with makes it look a lot more natural and less perky. Overall I’m so so so impressed by this. It has everything I liked in the Phat azz without the wide leg gap and overwhelmingly large butt.  I should also mention that it also comes with a thicker thigh version too, two booty’s in one!

Pink sugar

Hair: Lamb – Pocket knife (Collabor88)
Buns: Illmatic – Kawaii kawaii (Kustom9)
Bow: LaViere & Tee*fy – Candy bows (10L$)
Dress: Little pink Tia – Latex mini dress Dripu (Limited quantities available!)
Socks: The Sugar garden – Prissy ruffle socks
Shoes: – Bowtie pumps 
Fox: Aisling – Flocon (The seasons story)
Pose: Possession – China set (Kustom9)

The Cosmetic fair opened its doors to the public yesterday afternoon and I paid a brief visit to have a poke around. I had my fingers crossed for loud mouth lipsticks and I wasn’t disappointed. The Sugar garden has done it again with these beautiful glossy lips in a ton of  sugary colours as well as variations to match any skintone. Also at the fair are these rockin’ stilletto manicures for Slink hands by Chic Zafari and wintery blushes, tintable eyeshadows and staple eyeliners from Gang/Cold. So if you’re looking to update your look without splurging on a fresh new skin, then stop by the fair and try out some demos! There’s everything there from mesh heads to hairs to eyes to nails to lipsticks and all at very reasonable prices.

Staying on the Cosmetic theme are the new releases from Buzzeri at Kustom9. The Katie brows have a lovely gradient to them and come in a bunch of natural colours as well as a set you can tint yourself and the Hime eyes are beautifully glittery and are bound to give your eyes that much-needed sparkle! My little buns are from Illmatic at the event and come in a few colours and a hairbase to wear them with, but I thought it’d be cute to wear them with one of my Lamb hairs from Collabor88! Whichever way you decide to wear them, they’re modify so you can tint them to better match whatever hairstyle you like!

Phew, I might need to take a breather after all that!




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