My best friend

My best friend

Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Corgi: Beetlebones – Corgi puppy (The seasons story)
Mirror: Mon ami – Cat hand mirror (Gacha)
Phone: Vco – Miki phon (Gacha)

So The Season’s story is still up and running and it’s a lot quieter too so you’ll definitely get in to have a look around if you haven’t already. Beetlebones was a little late to this event but with good reason because just look at these adorable PUPPIES! Sue’s been working tirelessly to get these adoptable pets working to their full potential. They walk around, eat, sleep, follow you and you can train them to do tricks! You can also wear them and they will walk with you like the Arctic friends gacha Sue made for the RMK Frost fair (those gachas are now instore by the way, in case you missed them). These cute little Corgis come in three colours and have a months supply of poopy papers (oh yes, they poop too!) and health bottles so you don’t have to buy the add-ons right away if you don’t want to. Unlike other pets, you cannot breed these Corgis but food refills are free so you don’t have to make such a big commitment to them, both financially and time-wise. So why are you still reading this? Go get a Corgi!

My best friend

Hair: Tableau vivant – Scarborough
Shirt: Blueberry – Phoebe mesh cardigan
Necklace: Yummy – Satin bow and pearls set (C88)
Pants: Mimosa – Harem flowered pants (30L$)

Of course I have some cheap news for you today too, these cute floral pants are only 30L$ on the marketplace from a store called Mimosa. And I’m pretty sure all of you know by now I’m gaga for florals so how could I ever resist these? And at such a great price too! The entire Mimosa store is filled to the brim with lots of 10L$ and 30L$ items so if you feel like your outfit is lacking in floral or nebula prints then look no further!.



3 thoughts on “My best friend

  1. Oh noooos….I tried to find Seasons Story, but it must be over…so I went to the Beetlebones store, and NO puppies!!! Do you happen to know if there is any other way of buying one, Xanthe??? I love your blog! Just started following you on FB today!

    • Thank you Skye! 😀 And yes The Seasons Story finished on the 31st Jan.
      I’m not sure when they’ll be instore but you could always ask Suetabulous Yootz 🙂

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