Love, your Anti-Valentine

Love, your Anti-Valentine

Dress: Chic Zafari – Femme fatale Bianca gown
Shoes: – Amelia heels (New!)
Mannequin: Follow us – Adam

Just as I was about to hit the hay last night, a  Slurl that I had been eagerly anticipating for a long time was posted on Malena Scordia‘s Flickr, announcing the new collections that had arrived at Chic Zafari. The Femme Fatale collection is designed for sexy yet elegant women in mind with flattering gowns and dresses whereas the Work Bitch collection is aimed more towards dominant, powerful ladies and features strong lines and pencil skirts aplenty! I’m not totally sure if the Bianca gown you see here is part of the new line of releases (I’m going to assume yes since I haven’t seen anybody else wear it, and it is named in the Femme Fatale collection) but it sure is absolutely stunning. 100% rigged mesh, 5 standard sizes and a bunch of different colours to choose from too. You have never seen me run so fast in high heels!

I’m pairing this sexy gown with a pair of simple ruby heels. The Amelia heels have arrived fresh from the last round of Collabor88 into the mainstore in five new colours you haven’t seen before. These are a slink mid feet add-on so you will need to purchase those first before you can wear these shoes as they were not made to fit the default avatar feet. Since the dress makes such a statement with its vivid red lace and sexy cut, I definitely didn’t want an overkill by added statement shoes too. These Amelia heels do the perfect job while still looking classy at the same time!

Love, your Anti-Valentine

Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Hair: Lamb – Pocket Knife (C88)
Jewelry: Lazuri – precious
Skybox: William Weaver – Build 002 (free)

Finally, the build I’m in is a marketplace freebie created by William Weaver. I wanted something that looked grungy and edgy as well as casted great shadows on the inside. This build certainly did the trick huh? I will warn you though, it is an enormous build and the rezzer that comes with it didn’t seem to work entirely so I had to unbox it and place each piece down myself (don’t worry, it’s a simple enough task) and I actually had to scale it down by quite a bit for the photo (again, no problem since it’s mod). But nonetheless it did its job well and it will probably assist me with future photo shoots!





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