Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Hair: Truth – Bryn
Hairpin: Ity – Floral Hairpin
Fan: Attic – Dragon Fan (CNY)
Necklace: AG – CNY Horse (CNY)
Shoes: – Amelia heels
Pose: Posesion – Geisha (CNY)

Morning! Yesterday I got to peek at a bunch more goodies which will be coming to the CNY fest this Friday so I thought I’d make another post to show you all! This isn’t everything though, there are a ton of great designers I haven’t shown here but they’re definitely worth checking out if you like your gachas, home decor and pose props. But even if you don’t fancy doing any shopping, the CNY sim is stunningly beautiful and so worth a photo or two. Lots of green and trees with a massive palace in the centre, needless to say it’d really give your photos some oomph!

But enough chit chat, I’ll show you what you can get! This pretty fan is a gacha prize from Attic! It has a bunch of colours and designs you can win and they all come with holding animations so you can flutter your fan seductively while staying effortlessly cool! I’m not showing off the animation here because I’m posing with one of Posesion’s ‘Geisha’ poses! These are very airy and elegant poses (as the name might suggest!) and just perfect for showing off pretty gowns! I’m also wearing a gacha prize necklace from AG, you can win your Chinese Zodiac animal to wear always. I’m showing off the Rare here which is the Horse but all the other animals are commons.


Dress: LikaRuby – China A
Lanterns: CX – Chinese lanterns (CNY)
Boat: Half deer – Origami Boat (CNY)
Bamboo: Half Deer – Bamboo sticks (CNY)
Pandas: Half Deer – Xiong Mao/Panda (CNY)

Half Deer has gone all out for this event, making a bunch of cute things for you all! These little panda friends are so sweet and will look great in your pond or even your bathtub! Their tiny Origami boats even have a larger equivalent with a bunch of sits for you and your friends to sail away in. Half deer also has these cool bamboo decorations out to give your garden that Asian feel in both single and groups of 3 to make decorating quick and easy but still adorable in every way.

And finally, these awesome lanterns are yet another gacha prize but this time from CX. They’re all very similar in design but they all having a different saying on them either wishing you luck, happiness or maybe even good fortune! The rare is the very fancy CNY horse logo so those of you who were born in 1990, 1978 and 1966 will have great luck if you win the Rare!

Gong xi fa cai!




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