Cupcake Princesses

Cupcake Princesses!

On Kae: Click here
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Hair: Truth – Bryn
Crown: Tee*fy – Fake plastic crown 
Top: The Secret store – Peplum shirt
Jeans: Alyce – Mesh tight jeans
Shoes: – Maggie heels (Fifty Linden Fridays)
Cupcakes: Various designers @Atelier Kreslo cupcake festival (40L$ each)

When Kaelyn Alecto invited me to go on a picnic with her, I stuffed my bags full of Atelier Kreslo cupcakes and nothing else. We loaded up bikes with our baskets of goodies and took them down to the river to set up our blanket near the hill. Little did we know that the ducks were cheeky little buggers and were intent on sampling our cupcakes for us, but I think after a while we were both too high on sugar to care. At least Kae was sensible enough to pack sandwiches and wine as well as cupcakes!

I’m not much of a storyteller but Kae and I decided that the Altelier Kreslo cupcake festival was a great excuse to get together for a photoshoot! All the cupcakes at the festival are just 40L$ and are being sold by a ton of great designers such as League, Breno, Lark and more! Each of the designers were given a ‘cupcake kit’ to work from but the results are so vastly different from one another, it’s almost hard to believe they all started out on the same components! You have until February 8th to grab these sweet exclusives before they’re gone forever!

You guys should all go visit Kae’s blog, she’s a fantastic photographer and also, her outfit and decor credits will be over there when the post comes out so follow her to keep up to date on new posts!

Thank you for keeping your fingers crossed so I wouldn’t crash, Kae!



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