Welcome to the Future

Welcome to the Future

Skin: Pink Fuel – Sora special edition (Futurewave)
Hair: Magika – Never
Suit: Graves – G461 velocity (Futurewave)
Boots: Fri.day – River boots
Gun: Gallactic – Ray gun (Futurewave)
Jetpack: Gallactic – Jetpack (Futurewave)
Poses: Nantra – Requiem (Futurewave)

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of Futurewave and the hype behind it. If you haven’t then keep reading because I have some amazing stuff to show you today!

Futurewave is an event run by Cursed events, the clever minds behind Gothmas by gaslight and the always popular World Goth Fair! If you like futuristic themes, are a sci-fi role-player in SL or even if you’re like me and just enjoy playing dress up every once in a while then this event is definitely worth checking out. There are tons of fantastic stores taking part and all of them have made great exclusives just for the event (Pssst, I saw a few freebies too!).

So why don’t I give you the rundown? The red suit on the right is by Gallactic and it comes with all the appliers for your mesh attachments that you’ll ever need. You can also buy the mesh boots, collar and gloves separately if you wish. Gallactic also made the laser gun and jetpack worn on the left, both again are available in a few different colours to choose from! The suit on the left is by Graves and again it comes with a bunch of appliers for tangos and phat azz but it can also be worn a bunch of different ways by mixing and matching the attachments! Combine that with the different colour options available and you have yourself and extremely versatile piece of kit that will definitely become an essential for role-players and cosplayers alike!

Welcome to the Future

Skin: Essences – Emma
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Lisa
Visor: Papermoon – Holovisor (Futurewave)
Suit: Gallactic – Halcyon (Futurewave)
Gloves: Gallactic – Eclipse gloves  (Futurewave)
Boots: Gallactic – Eclipse boots (Futurewave)
Collar: Gallactic – Eclipse collar (Futurewave)
Head tattoo: By snow – Mark of the future (Free!)

 Pink Fuel skins have crated a really cool version of their popular Sora skin which features strong brows and porcelain skin! It comes with a bunch of makeup and tattoo layers as well as an incredible amount of appliers for the baby bump, Puffy!, Phat azz and so much more! There really is a lot of value in this gorgeous skin so I definitely recommend checking it out at Futurewave! The poses are just perfect for taking those edgy badass future hero type photos, they’re by Nantra and look great with the various weaponry you’ll no doubt grab at the event too!

The red visor on the right is by Papermoon and you can get the tech version in a few other colours but also a ‘kawaii’ style is available too if you want something less serious and more cute! And last but definitely not least, the circuit head tattoo is actually a little free gift at the By Snow booth! It’s tintable so you can work it with any of your Futurewave outfits!


Location: Insilico


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