Dress: Dead Dollz – February VIP group gift (Group gift)
Pose: Glitterburps – Xanthe (Custom, not for sale)
Shoes: Gos – Carrie Pumps

Hi girls! Okay so I know blogging over here has been a bit sporadic lately, but I can explain I swear! I normally get the majority of my blog photos done at the weekends but since February is home to so many birthdays in my family, I just haven’t had the time to blog between travelling up and down the country to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to everyone! They’re all out of the way now though so I’ll be able to get back to dishing out regular content again.

We’ve missed out on a little bit though! This gorgeous lace gown is the new VIP group gift from Dead Dollz. I just love the sexy slit down the leg and beautiful satin-like textures. The VIP group isn’t free to join but it’s well worth forking out the fee because Dead Dollz makes some very high quality items from formal gowns to casual dresses and even sexy lingerie! Plus you get a percentage of store credit with every purchase and a new gift every month. If that doesn’t tempt you, I don’t know what will!


Skin: Glam affair – Sylvia (C88)
Hair: Faenzo – Uffie (1L$)
Jewelry: Zibska – Ambrosia Deux (50L$)

Zibska, the couture jewellery brand we all know and love, is having a spring clear out of some of their old stock. Everything on the blue shelves over at the mainstore is only 50L$! That’s everything from men’s, unisex and women’s jewellery, clothes and even makeup. Needless to say, you’d be making a huge saving since regular Zib items usually hover around the 200L$ – 300L$ mark. Each makeup pack includes all the colours, and each jewellery set usually includes multiple pieces (ie. necklaces + earrings & bracelets) and a colour change HUD with a myriad of options! With that amount of variety and versatility, 300L$ doesn’t sound like a bad price, but for only 50L$? You can’t go wrong!

I also have to say a big thank you to Gwin for custom making the pose in the top photo for me! She’s very talented and awesome at making useful poses which are just perfect for bloggers wanting to show off certain items! Check out her store and show her some love okay?




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