Country Pleasures

Country pleasures

Bike: Xiaj & Zzang – Rust bikes (Kustom 9)
Hat: Attic – Straw fedora (Kustom9)
Shoes: FAUN – Sleepy kitty flats (Kustom9)
Skirt: Offbeat – Spring daily skirt (Kustom9)
Pose: Flowey – Walkin’ (Modded with Animare, C88)

My favourite time of the year is just as Spring is going into Summer because all the fields where I live turn this stunning vivd yellow with flowers and cherry blossoms are just everywhere. I used to live in the country so going on walks like this or riding my bike between the fields was a big part of my summer as a kid or after school my friends and I would eat ice cream in my friend’s garden (which is just a field haha) and talk about the stupid things like boys and school and we’d laugh so much. So I think for this photo I wanted to recreate the warm evenings just aimlessly taking my bike around the fields.

Offbeat’s release for this round of Kustom9 is actually pretty perfect for country strolling! Mix and match the Spring Daily tees and flared skirts for whatever look you feel like, they all go together! Pair it with FAUN’s adorable kitty flats for a cute and comfy look and grab a bike from Xiaj and Zzang’s bicycle gacha and take bike-race photos with your friends

Country pleasures

Skin: Okkbye – Marina (Skin fair)
Hair: Laviere – Heidi
Shirt: Offbeat – Spring daily tee (Kustom9)
Collar: Buzzeri – Cutey collars
Necklace: Glow studio – Birdy necklace

I’m also wearing the first skin Okkbye has created and she’s very pretty! Her name is Marina and she’s available at the skin fair in a ton of different tones and you can also purchase extra packs for freckles, lipsticks and even sleepy eye-bags! Check out the gallery below for some more of my skin fair haul and maybe you’ll find a new skin that suits your style! I’ll be showing you the final new skins before I start showing off the cosmetics over the next couple days so look forward to it!


Location: Piwnica pod Aniolami w Skirolawkach



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