Wallet: Xiaj – Roy Wallet
Shorts: Gizza – Jean short
Knee tattoo: Mes Petites Coutures – Bloody knees
Boots: Deco – Paraboots

I decided I’d been too prissy princessy lately and wanted to grunge it up a bit for today’s post, and it goes quite well because Soleil Reed of Dead Apples has made her first skin for the Skin fair and it’s so pretty! Ari is available in a bunch of tones to suit all, different coloured eyebrows, various kinds of freckle tattoos and a few lipstick tattoos too! I also decided to wear it with Soiree’s Moondust eyeshadow which is also a Skin fair exclusive! This is the final week for the Skin Fair so grab what you can before you have to wait a few months for them to arrive in the mainstores!


Skin: Dead Apples – Ari (Skin fair)
Eyeshadow: Soiree – Moondust eyeshadow (Skin fair)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Noel
Jacket: Coco – Bomber Jacket
Butterflies: Aria – Daphne wall flutter

I want to briefly touch on this awesome jacket that I picked up at Coco designs yesterday because it’s quite a creative use of mesh! The arms in the pockets are built into the actual jacket and not part of my pose at all so technically, my avatar arms are hidden by the alpha! Isn’t that cool? The jacket comes in a bunch of cool urban colours to choose from and it looks great paired with just plain old jeans and rugged boots!


Location: Virtual Decay



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