Cutie Scouts!

Cutie Scouts!

On Rose – Credits
On Gwin – Credits
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam affair – Brandi (Cutie moon)
Hair: Taketomi – Quele (Group Gift)
Bow: Cooties – Bows (Cutie moon)
Uniform: Violent Seduction – Eternal uniforms (Cutie moon)

Calling all Sailor Scouts, your planet needs you! The Cutie Moon fair opens up on April 1st and here you can deck yourselves out in all your Senshi necessities from communicators and disguise pens to uniforms and power wands! It’s all there and more. I decided to suit up in my Sailor Venus outfit with Rose and Gwin joining me as Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon. We’re all wearing these great uniforms from Violent Seduction, all of the Sailors and outer-senshi are included in the colours so you can be any of your favourite characters! It utilises fitted mesh too so there’s no need for multiple sizes but you will need an updated viewer in order to see it correctly! I’m going to be going over my outfit today (far left) but if you’d like to know what Rose (middle) and Gwin (right) are wearing, then check out their blogs!

Wand: TSG – Spiral heart rod (Cutie Moon)
Compact: TSG – Henshi compact (Cutie Moon)
Shoes: – Diana (C88)

The Sugar Garden has really gone all out for this event, making a bunch of cute accessories, essential to any Sailor Scout! There’s Compacts, Plushies, Jewelry and my personal favourite, Magic wands! If you give the wand HUD a little tippy-tap, it’ll play sounds, animation and a bunch of magical particle effects do you can blast your enemies with your planetary powers! Each wand plays a different colour and particle effect depending on the scout so they’re a lot of fun to play with!

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Sabahi
Eyes: IKON – Promise

Glam Affair is also taking part in the event and has made another really adorable skin! Brandi comes in Artic, Asia, America and Jamaica tones and has 6 makeups and 13 (yes! 13!) brow colours, a no brow option, 14 lipstick tattoos and 2 nose tattoo add-ons! There aren’t quite as many combinations in this skin as previous releases but the gorgeous eye makeups are to die for! I don’t have any other way to describe these skins other than…magical!

The Cutie Moon Fair is brought to you by the awesome people who make Collabor88 and The Arcade possible so this event is guaranteed to be excellent quality and a whole bunch of fun!



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