Skin: Glam Affair – Brandi (TSS)
Hair: INK – Springlike (TSS)
Flower crown: Aisling – Pimflette elegance headdress (TSS)
Twig Crown: Le Poppycock – Persephone’s halo (Eden rising)
Choker: Buzzeri – Spring flowers choker (TSS)
Dress: Aisling – Laura Dress (TSS)
Lamb: Birdy – Spring babes
Armlet: Half deer – Spring blossom armlet 
Branches: 8f8 – Young Sakura with beads (TSS)

When I found out that The Seasons Story opened up on the 10th instead of the 12th, you wouldn’t believe how fast I ran to the location. So sorry about that! But it’s well and truly underway now and guys and girls alike will love it! Ever since last round’s lag-haven, they’ve taken everyone’s advice into account and now I found the sim was almost completely lag-free (which is very rare for me) so if that’s why you’re putting it off, don’t!

So of course since this is the spring round, I was in floral paradise and grabbed anything and everything that was pink or girly enough for my tastes. My personal favourites is this adorable hair by INK which is available in all the usual colours as well as a few limited to the event colours too, and for only 160L$ per colour, it’s such a big steal! You can’t really tell on this photo but there are little braids that start at the front and wrap around to the back of the head which really makes this hairstyle super unique! I also loved Aisling’s beautifully detailed flower crown and mix n’ match dresses, both with colour change/pattern change options on pretty much every aspect of them.

The Seasons Story runs until the end of the month and features a lot of amazing designers where you can get everything from clothes to furniture to skins to hair!




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