Blue Jeans + WowMeh’s fitted mesh body!

Blue jeans

Body: WowMeh – Mesh body (Currently unavailable)
Shoes: JD – Cult Gold (Group gift)
Jeans: Maitreya – Slim BF jeans
Pose: Argrace – Akane

So I have an exciting post for you today about Wowmeh’s fitted mesh body but before that I have to show you a couple new things from the past couple weeks!

Maitreya has recently released a new line of clothing. These impeccably meshed jeans, tops and shoes are brand new and seriously beautiful. I’m wearing the slim BF jeans but there are two other jeans styles to choose from in a variety of colours and even optional colour change belt! Head over to the Maitreya mainstore and try them out for yourself.

Blue jeans

Skin: TSG – Eun-Seo
Hair: Lelutka – Alvina
Jacket: Motiame – Denim jacket (Kustom9)
Necklace: Faenzo – Padlock necklace
Cigarette: Nikotin – Cigarette

My necklace is a little taster of Faenzo’s new spring/summer collection. The padlock necklace comes with a colour change HUD where you can choose from 4 different metal colours and a whole bunch of padlock colours! I’ll be showing the rest of the collection next week with my friends Cieleste Magic and Miaa Rebane so look forward to that!

And so, without further delay, I’m going to briefly go over the new fitted mesh body from Wowmeh! Please note that I’m not an expert. I didn’t make this product, I just bought it and giving my personal opinions. The following images are all raw with the exception of cropping, no photo editing at work here!

Fitted mesh body by Wowmeh


Photo taken on mid, no shadows, 2x anti-aliasing

The first thing I want to point out about this product is that it’s still very much in development. New updates are being released constantly and by the time you read this, it might have already been updated. So for reference, this was written using version 2.6. You will also need a viewer that supports fitted mesh such as the latest LL or Firestorm viewers.

I’ll admit I was very skeptical of this product to begin with. My past experience with fitted mesh had been limited and I often found it to be bulky or not very versatile (such as sliders not adjusting parts very much). Plus I couldn’t believe a mesh body would even be possible. Would it be like’s Phat azz and rely solely on appliers and creators making custom mesh? I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into but after seeing a few people share their thoughts on Plurk, I decided to buy and give it a shot.

One of the first things that hit me were that it was very smooth. There are many areas on the default SL avatar that are rough and jagged such as the elbows, ankles and wrists, all this jaggedness was pretty much non-existent on the Wowmeh body. Even when sitting down, my butt doesn’t turn into a sharp pointed weapon and remains wonderfully smooth. And of course with it being fitted mesh, you can make powerful adjustments with the shape sliders and even physics layers are no longer obsolete. There is a very tiny seam running around the waist which can affect the way clothing appliers look, but it’s not noticeable on the bare skin.

Now the WowMeh body also comes with mesh hands and feet which can be controlled via the HUD but I didn’t like them at all. I thought they needed some serious improvement in order to be able to compete with my beloved Slinks and JD’s so I didn’t wear them for this little write up.

But that does bring me onto my first little pick at it. It isn’t all that compatible with other mesh hands and feet. I’m told that you can make the slink feet fit better by playing with the knee angle and leg muscle sliders but there was still a very noticeable gap even when I had leg muscles on full-whack. However I did find that the JD feet fit a million times better than the slink feet thanks to its built in blending, so I will probably be wearing my JD feet with this body until they fix the compatibility with slink feet (if they choose to do so). The Slink hands are a slightly better story since they’d only just fixed the compatibility in this update (v2.6). While not perfect, it’s certainly better than a massive gap. Lolas mesh breasts will also still work on this body, so if you don’t like the way the appliers for the wowmeh sit across the breasts, you still have that option as well which is very handy.

The Skin tinting presets and the Alpha control buttons.

Speaking of mesh attachments, you’re probably asking “But Xanthe! Can I still wear my mesh clothes?” and the answer to that would be; ‘YES!’. The Wowmeh body works on 2 clothing layers which you can change if you have clothing appliers for it, but it also has a tab in the HUD where to can control the alpha! In the photos at the very top of the page, I was able to fit Maitreya’s new jeans onto the body thanks to the ‘alpha buttons’, so do not despair, you can still wear that pretty mesh dress you bought yesterday. 😉

The skin tinting for the body isn’t very varied. You can only choose from a few presets so it is unlikely that you’re going to get a match with your skin unless you have appliers. Luckily, my friend Eilfie Sugarplum, creator of The Sugar Garden was kind enough to provide skin appliers for the sake of this write-up. These appliers will be available to the general public this weekend, so if you wear TSG skins, you’re in luck! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Glam Affair appliers though. If Aida chooses to make those then I will never take this body off, ever. So if you’re one of those people who never changes skin brands, and they won’t make appliers for the body then I don’t think it’d be worth buying unless Wowmeh update the skin tinting on the HUD because you’ll never get a match. You might get close (I did find one of the presets was very close to Glam Affair’s Artic tone) but it won’t be perfect unless you have appliers.

So for those who were scared off by the wall of text, here’s a very basic rundown of what I like about it and what I think could be improved upon for future updates;


  • Very smooth appearance.
  • Headless so you can still use your normal Slav shape.
  • Fitted mesh, so you can make dramatic changes using the sliders, also you can use physics layers.
  • Cheap! Only 599L$! Plus free updates for life.
  • You can still wear your mesh clothes thanks to the alpha controls.
  • Skin and clothing appliers can be created.
  • HUD is very simple to use.


  • Not very compatible with other mesh attachments (ie. Slink feet).
  • Small seam across waist which sometimes distorts clothing appliers.
  • Skin tinting is very limited, you’ll have to heavily rely on skin designers making appliers if you want a perfect match.
  • The hands and feet included need improving to be able to compete with Slink and JD, they also won’t work with a lot of Slink or JD shoe addons.
  • At the moment, clothing appliers for the body are very limited.

Overall, I think the Wowmeh fitted mesh body has a lot of potential to be as popular as the Phat azz or the Lolas. They’ve been working tirelessly to put out new updates and fixes on a regular basis and despite the few flaws it still has, I still think it could be very successful as it is thanks to its alpha control, fitted mesh and general appearance as well as obviously improving the default avatar mesh dramatically. I’m so excited to see what the future of this product will be and I really hope it catches on.

PS; I just got word that WOW skins is making Wowmeh appliers!

You can purchase/DEMO the WowMeh mesh body here. (599L$, free updates for lifeCurrently unavailable.

Stay informed of new updates and releases by following WowMeh on Facebook, Flickr or Blogspot!

Special thanks to Eilfie Sugarplum for providing the Skin Appliers!



10 thoughts on “Blue Jeans + WowMeh’s fitted mesh body!

  1. Hi Xanthe, thanks for the review! I bought this yesterday thanks to another blogger review I saw, and wanted to add a few thoughts.

    While the alpha layers you can use with this body are quite brilliant, they still lack a lot of versatility. Yesterday I tried them with what I felt was a pretty basic loose-fitting top, but because the neckline in the back was loose (though not low) like the front, the alpha either hid too much and was very obvious in the back, or it didn’t hide enough so that my shoulder blades poked through. I think it will be very tricky finding mesh clothing that will work, unless you are wearing VERY basic clothing, and possibly longer hair to hide any issues on the back. (The alphas didn’t work with my daisy dukes, either.)

    And I agree that it’s probably not worth purchasing if your skin maker isn’t making appliers. Just the thought of having to go back to tinting my SLink bits manually gives me a headache. I hope the skin makers get on board with this, as it could be a big moneymaker for them. And yeah, the hands and feet that come with this body look quite wonky. hehe

    • Hey Vix!
      Yeah it’s a given that some mesh clothes just won’t be perfect. I tried it with a dress that often gave me clipping issues on my default body and the alpha controls seemed to work perfect, so I guess it all depends on what you want to wear.

      The HUD gives you slink appliers for each of the default skin tones! Just go to the skin tab and click the slink button on the right \o/


    • Thank you! Yes the price has been rising dramatically since the review was written. So I suggest if you want to buy it, buy it now because I expect it will go up even more with every new update!

    • I’m working on an updated review as there have been some major changes!
      Slink hands and feet are now compatible and there’s a ‘plus size’ body included in the box too. So if you bought a demo before, be sure to update it to the latest version (3.0)
      Thank you! ❤

  2. […] Currently, you can only get the new Wowmeh Silhouette if you have previously purchased the Wowmeh body. Wear your HUD and touch the update button and you should get a package for the Silhouette. Everyone else will have to be patient at this time, Baby Ghosn has mentioned in the Wowmeh support group that it should be coming instore very soon. If you want to see what the old Wowmeh looks like, click here. […]

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