Skin: Glam Affair – Brandi
Hair: Dura – Girl 37
Jewelry: Swallow – Safari gold and black (The Couturier’s docks)
Lingerie: Chic Zafari – Lilly Fetishist bra & panties couture (New!)
Bracelet: Pure Poison – Locked handcuff
Shoes: JD – Lacey (TLC)
Pose: oOo studio – Dominion

Whenever I wear black and gold, I always feel like a fancy material girl. So when I saw the new arrivals from the ‘Work Bitch’ collection by Chic Zafari, I grabbed the sassiest pose I could find and decked myself out in all my gold finery! This new collection (which has just arrived in store by the way!) is themed ‘Fetishist Couture’ so you ladies who fancy a bit of leather and latex are going to love this! Most, if not all of the lingerie and dresses come with Tango and Azz appliers included but you should definitely go check it out because there is a lot of new stuff!

I decided I would match my outfit with the new release shoes from JD over at The Liaison Collaborative. You need to own JD’s tip toe feet in order to be able to wear the Lacey heels but you can change the colours of the shoe, straps, soles and chains separately to go perfectly with whatever you want to wear!




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