Bonjour + Lolas Tango Delicq


Skin: Glam Affair – Brandi
Hair: Truth – Elaine
Necklace: Magic nook – Cameo necklace
Lingerie: Chocolate Atelier – Flora (Cosmopolitan sales room)
Sign: Tres blah – Bonjour glitter sign (The Arcade)
Sofa: Tres blah – Charmant Settee (The Arcade)
Pose: Sari sari – Relax sit (Kustom9)

So you may or may not have heard by now that Lolas have released a new pair of mesh breasts. But these aren’t like the Mirage, where they’ve just changed the shape a little bit and that’s it. The new Tangos Delicq are 100% fitted mesh, which means the size and shape will morph to your avatar’s body depending on how you move the shape sliders. There are many good and bad things to this new design which I want to go over today, because I know a lot of you are on the fence about these and unsure of whether to fork out 1750L$ for a product which has no Demo, so hopefully this will clear a few things up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll try to answer them as best I can!

Lolas – Tangos Delicq

All the photos from here onwards are raw, no post-processing was applied to these photos other than cropping, resizing and adding text. How you see the product in these images is how you will see them inworld.
These are my own views and observations. This product was not given to me for review.

So when you purchase the new Tangos, you will get a box with a lot of stuff inside. Some of which you may be familiar with, some of which will be completely new to this product so here’s what you get for your 1750L$;

            • Lolas ::: Tango delicq ::: Mesh Breasts (+ 3 ‘wet look’ versions)
            • Lolas ::: Skin Fixer 3.0 Tan, Light & Medium
            • Lolas ::: Basic Bikini, Tanktop and Tubetop (All layers)
            • Lolas ::: Color Hud
            • Lolas ::: Skin Hud
            • Lolas ::: User Manual (in 3 languages)
            • Lolas ::: Developer kit
            • Lolas Delicq Updater
            • Lolas Physics (3 types)
            • Lolas Tango Delicq Alpha (5 types)

If you own any of Lolas’ past products, you’ll recognise a few of these items. The skin fixers are blending layers if you plan on tinting your skin colour yourself, basic clothing layers for the default clothing appliers, colour hud for tinting the skin, nipples, and any clothing you have on and the update checker.

Also, just like past Lolas breasts, if you touch them you’ll get a dialogue box allowing you to show/hide layers/nipples etc.

The two huds side-by side. They’re very easy to understand and use.

The Skin hud is new though, and that’s for picking a preset skin colour before going in and tinting to improve the blend between your skin and the skin on the breasts.


Changes to the breasts based on the values set by the avatar shape sliders. I wear mine at around 30.

Because this product is fitted mesh, you cannot resize them the way you would resize unrigged mesh. You must use your avatar’s shape sliders to control how big or small you want them to be. In the user manual, they suggest keeping the values between 20-80 otherwise the mesh will warp in strange ways or the default avatar will ‘swallow’ the mesh up.

Because of this, if your avatar is very small/skinny, then even having these at size 20 will easily swamp your shape and make you look unbalanced. Having them lower than 20, the mesh will flatten and sink into the avatar’s body…and it’s not pretty.

You can also use the gravity and cleavage sliders to adjust how high or low you want you breasts to sit or how wide apart they are from each other. Even though you are wearing a mesh, it will still respond to the changes you make as if it were your own skin.

Tinting and Appliers

One of the things I loved about this product was that appliers matched up incredibly well. Do you remember if you wore a tattoo applier with the old tangos, that often times you’d have gross black overlapping parts or even areas that wouldn’t join up seamlessly? Well on the Delicqs, those seams are virtually invisible and everything matches up flawlessly. So tattoo-wearers rejoice! The same goes for clothing appliers, if you had a top that had a lot of crossing straps over the top of the chest, these will line up almost perfectly.

Skin-tinting however is a different story. Even though the skin hud has a wide variety of skin colours included, if you wear very pale skins like I do (Glam affair’s in Artic tone) then you will find it almost impossible to tint them to a colour that will somewhat match. I found that even the lightest preset wasn’t light enough (and actually very grey) to even tint to which is bad news if you wear pale skins and you have no appliers. Luckily, Glam Affair has tango appliers so I could use those to get a perfect match but you may not be so lucky. I suggest checking with your skin brand to see if they have skin appliers before purchasing.


Animated Gif. Wearing heavily modified Lolas Physics layers.

Brush the dust off your box of physics layers because you can use them again! They will work with this product. Just wear your physics layers and your breasts will move, sway and bounce when you move. However I recommend you modify the physics layers included in the box because they aren’t very subtle and jump around so much that you can see your alpha underneath or the mesh just distorts entirely.

These look best and more realistic if you have physics layers that have just a subtle bounce to them. There are some great ones on the marketplace, but you could always make your own if you don’t want to spend money on them.


What I love

  • Appliers match up almost seamlessly.
  • You can still use the old Tangos appliers.
  • Physics layers are fun to play with and give good, realistic movement when used correctly.
  • Many options included.
  • Easy to use huds and lots of colour presets to choose from.
  • Good value for money.

What I not-so love

  • Mesh warps when sizes are lower that 20, so smaller avatars will be swamped by the shape.
  • Skin tinting is almost impossible for very fair skins and relies a lot on appliers.
  • No Demo!!! You cannot try before you buy!

So surprisingly, I did actually quite like this product. I was very unsure of them at first because there was no demo to try, but seeing how the appliers matched up on some friends of mine completely sold me since I have a lot of bikinis and lingerie with complicated straps that are so difficult to line up on the old tangos.

Would I wear these again? Absolutely. They make bikini tops and bras look gorgeous and the textures on appliers are far more crisp and clear than on the default avatar. But I probably would not wear these for every-day clothes like t-shirts or dresses since I am still quite fond of my petite shape.

Do I think this is worth 1750L$? Yes! There are so many options included, you’re not just paying for a mesh and a few huds. But, and this is a huge but, I really do think there should be a Demo to try. One of the big things that put me off buying this product was not being able to try it for myself first before making such an investment and if hair stores can sell their hairs for 250L$ and still put out demos, I think this should have a demo as well. Plus I can see a lot more business coming to them if they did provide demo copies.

This is just my personal experience, you may have different views to mine. And don’t forget if you have any questions, you can leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer them for you!

Purchase the Lolas – Tangos Delicq here


I did find that some of my clothing appliers that were originally made for the old Tangos didn’t fit very well. But it turns out you can fix this! Check out this tutorial by Magenta DeVinna to find out how you can make your appliers fit better! (I wish I knew how to do this before hehe)




14 thoughts on “Bonjour + Lolas Tango Delicq

  1. I’ve found that the skin layer disappears a lot. I do not experience this on my Mirage or Tangos. The skin layer reappears if I click for the menu, take off the top, and put the top back on. However, to do this every time I TP somewhere? No way. I sent a note card and hopefully the creator can fix it. Until then, the Delicq are a crash and burn to me.

  2. I bought these and immediately regretted it. They don’t like up vertically for ANY of my bodies, most of which are NOYA. As in they gave me a second collarbone about an inch under the first. You cannot go into edit mode and adjust the X Y Z of them because they’re fitted mesh.

    Nightmare waste of 1750L.

      • I ended up here again by accident while searching for a skin maker that intentionally made some to work with the Delicq & decided to update:

        When using the tattoo layer skin fixer, it (mostly) hides the second collarbone thing. But my biggest peeve now is that the top looks pretty great…but the back-side area is tinted for the shadow effect…and the skin is not…come to think of it, none of the ones I tried it on had shading/tinting there. So what you said about it being awful for light skinned bodies is spot on.

        To be honest I am literally holding my breath until The Mesh Project has more clothing…I donated about 15000L$ because that body puts literally all of the competition to shame…and their style hud is amazing despite taking some getting used to at first.

  3. I am new at this I just bought the new Lola Tango Delicq mesh breast. Now that I have figured out how to wear them, I am having problems with making them fit into my clothes. Does this mean I have to buy new clothes? No matter what I wear they do not cover the breast. Please help!!!!!

    • Hey Carmella!

      They won’t fit into mesh clothes and nobody will make mesh clothes to fit them because they’re fitted mesh, they change with the sliders.
      You’ll have to look out for clothes that include ‘Lolas appliers’ if you want to wear clothes with them 🙂

  4. SOOOOO HELPFUL! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog! Really great read and very thorough. Being a uhm, “breast virgin,” this was really quite informative for those of us just diving into the new world of mesh breasts!

  5. I like these Lola’s much better than the previous ones it looks way more balanced in size.
    I am a little avie though so it remains to look a little over the top.
    Hopefully they will make an update just so little avatars are not like: hey, look those breast walking! Isn’t that tiny female behind it?
    I bought the same lingery set you used in your blog, just for the best try; because I bought them after reading this post 🙂
    What I noticed though the sides of the bra do not match up with the bra layer on the Lola’s there seems to be some sort of gap.
    The bra on the clothes layer ends way higher under the armpits and do not match up with the appliers for the bra.

    • Yeah I noticed that too. If you take a look at the blog I linked at the bottom of this post, Magenta Devinna tells you how to fix that 🙂
      I wish I knew before I wrote the post but oh well!

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