Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia (Coming soon
Hair: Faenzo – Uffie
Headdress: Glam Affair – Akali (Fameshed)
Bells: CerberusXing – Tsurine bells (Thrift shop)
Kimono: Pixicat – Oriental Kimono (The Arcade)
Necklace: Cila – Tiandao collarbone chain (L’accessoires)
Fingers: Kooqla – Ghost fingers
Pipe: CerberusXing – Opium dragon
Shoes: Purple moon – Summer breeze flips (L’acessoires)
Pose: Imeka – Claire (Kustom9)

I have a few events to tell you guys about today so hope you’re sitting comfortably!

First up, a new round of L’accessoires just opened up and everything’s looking very tropical and bright! I fell in love with these amazing elevated sandals from Purple Moon I thought they would look perfect in an Eastern-themed look. These come with a colour change hud for all aspects of the shoe from straps and studs to soles and insoles so mix and match to go with your outfits!

The Arcade is well underway by now, and it’s a lot less busy so if you haven’t had the chance to go yet, now is a great time! Pixicat is a guest in this round and she made these gorgeously cute kimonos in a bunch of different colours and patterns for you to win, as well as a few awesome rare prizes too!

Hair: Uffie by Faenzo

Finally, Glam Affair is taking part in an event called It opens up on June 21st where Cassia will make her debut! My jaw hit the floor what I saw how staggeringly beautiful and vibrant her makeups are. She’ll come in Artic and Asia tones for your fair-skinned girls but she will also be coming out at Summerfest soon in America, Jamaica and India tones in some different makeups. So don’t fret if pale skins aren’t your thing! I’ll be showing you all her makeups in a couple days so look out for that!


Fans: Kuro – Hanging fans

Lanterns: CerberusXing – Chinese Lantern



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