Hair: Taketomi – Kana
Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia (Coming soon @Summerfest)
Hat: Leverocci – Field hat
Dress: Mikunch – Mexico OP (Kustom9)
Scarf: Potcha – Rakuraku scarf
Socks: Cannibelle – Sheer floral ankle socks
Shoes: Ingenue – Pandora flats (The Arcade)
Suitcase: Mishmish – Traveler shelf (The Arcade)
Pose: An lar – ready! set! go! (Level up)

The end of the month is drawing near and that means the closure of old events and the start of brand new ones! The Arcade will be coming to a close at the end of the month so if you still haven’t quenched your thirst for gacha, you’d better do so quickly! The suitcase I’m carrying is actually a shelf for your to display your winnings over at the Mishmish machine, but I thought it was just too cute to resist getting a little creative with it.

My dress is by Mikunch over at Kustom9 and it’s so cute! It comes with a colour change hud and you can choose from 4 different fabrics plus an optional petticoat attachment if you fancy a lacy-trim to your dress! This dress is available in 4 different styles and patterns too, all of which come with the hud!

Hair: Lindgren by Tableau vivant (TFC)

Now onto the new shall we? Here’s Cassia! I know you’re thinking “but you showed us Cassia the other day!” Well this is Cassia who is coming to Summerfest on the 22nd! She’s available in America, India and Jamaica tones, 8 different makeups, 8 eyebrow colours + no brow option, 1 nose option, 5 freckles layers and 20 lipstick layers. Yep. 20! So you’re going to have a lot of fun mixing and matching your looks!


Location: Hpmd



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