Skin: Lara Hurley – Fae (Uber)
Hair: Truth – Malibu (Uber)
Shirt: Mishmish – Shiba tank
Shorts: Erratic – Lena shorts (Uber)
Shoes: JD – Oakley (Uber)
Bag: ISON – Maleese bag (Uber)
Pose: Bang – Sits 010-014

There’s a new event in town! It’s called ‘Uber‘ and it’s run by Truth Hawks (of Truth Hair!) and Kaelyn Alecto (the fabulous photographer!). It’s a themed event, with the inaugural round being Vacations! It might be August now but we still got at least a month of sunshine left before the cold starts setting in.

The sheer quality and quantity of designers taking part is astounding and everything from skins, hairs and clothes to buildings and furniture can be found here!


Build: Milk Motion – Beach Shack

Bench: Art Dummy – On the coast outdoor daybed (Uber)

Cooler: Soy – Cooler box

Jar: Sway – Souvenir Jar (Uber)

Shelf: Soy – Vintage wire shelf

Towel hook: Floorplan – Oar towel rack

Radio: Miseria – Summer radio



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