Q: Will you blog my items?

Please read the Review Policy and if it’s something that I feel I would be interested in blogging, I will do so!

Q: I cannot find [insert item here]!

If an item has moved locations since it was blogged, I am more than happy to provide you with a slurl to the new location (if the location on the post hasn’t already been updated).

Q: Will you put my site in your blogroll?

Absolutely! If you link my blog in yours, I will do the same.

Q: Do you edit your photos?

I do, which is why I suggest you try a Demo inworld (if one is available). I try and display all products in their best light but I will never blog faulty products. Always make sure to view the product inworld just in case!

Q: Can you help me? An item you blogged isn’t working!

Contact the designer inworld if you have any issues as I cannot help you. I’m just the messenger!

Q: Do you offer your photography services?

I do! I am working on getting a dedicated photography page set up but until then you are welcome to contact me inworld (Xantheanne Resident) or by E-mail to discuss.

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