Hair 1: Epoque – Ever
Hair 2: Rosy Mood – Suberakashi Fu
Flowers: Naminoke – Higanbana hair acce
Kanzashi: Naminoke – Hoozuki Kanzashi
Blindfold: AY – Kabuki Sukeroku (Xiasumi)
Kimono: Melon Bunny – Furisode Kimono
Robe: Melon Bunny – Furisode Robe
Obi: Melon Bunny – Obi band (Xiasumi)
Geta: TSG – Pawprint Geta
Wraps: CX – Leg wraps (Arena)

Head: Lelutka – Aria
Appliers: Glam Affair – Aria
Hair: Truth – Armelle (Uber)

Head: Lelutka – Ever
Appliers: Glam Affair – Ever
Hair: Truth – Willa

Head: Lelutka – Leda
Appliers: Glam Affair – Leda
Hair: Truth – Harmony

Build: 8f8 – Koi house (Xiasumi)

Charms: Antielle – Ofuda charms (Xiasumi)

Lanterns: Anc – Temari

Cushions: Soul mates – Japanese Kyoudai Zabuton

Calligraphy: 8f8 – Shodo set (Xiasumi)

Torii gate: PFC – Torii Gate

Snow Bunnies!

Snow Bunnies!

On Poptart
Skin: Glam Affair – Lindsey
Hair: Exile – Kissing strangers (C88)
Dress: Coquet – Victoria (Fameshed)
Leggings: Tres Blah – Knitted leggings (C88)
Necklace: Yummy – Snowflake crystal necklace (C88)
Scarf + Mittens: Atomic – Critter comfort (Arcade)
Earmuffs: Tableau Vivant – Cat/brown kitty (Arcade)
Shoes: Luckie – Snuggle Ice skates
On Xanthe
Hair: Truth – Vida
Earmuffs, collar and boots: Foxes – Woodland Wonderland (Arcade)
Coat: Foxes – Faux fur coat (C88)
Clutch: Lagyo – Sienna faux fur bag (C88)
Socks: Erratic – Holiday socks (Arcade)
Bunnies: Tableau vivant – Snowbunny (C88)

Skin: Glam Affair – Sia II Ice (C88)
Hair: Truth – Vivi (Uber)

Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly II (C88)

Build: 8f8 – Granny’s winter cottage (Arcade)

Dog: Aisling – Zak candycane (Arcade)

Rabbit: Half deer – Bunny found a holly branch (C88)



Crazy Cat ladies!

The Arcade Photography Contest – Xantheanne Resident

On Noms Credits
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam Affair – Skye II (The Arcade)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Writer (The Arcade)
Glasses: Glam Affair – Cateye embellished glasses (Fameshed)
Shorts: ISON – Pleated shorts
Cardigan: Ryvolter – Naia Blanket coat (Uber)
Cat: FD – Posed cats (The Arcade)
Boots: Tee*fy – Chelsea boots (The Arcade)

After I fell in love with FD’s posed cats at The Arcade, I grabbed my friend Noms and made a crazy cat lady photo! I decided I was going to enter it into The Arcade photography contest so wish me luck on that! I’ll be crediting my outfit and the decor today so if you wan to see Noms’ credits then check out her blog!

Also, have a look at Glam Affair’s 2nd arcade machine too! The makeups are really adorable, Skye II has such a sweet face and you can win her in a variety of skin tones to suit everyone!

Hair: Tableau vivant – Upshaw (C88)

Thank you Noms for posing with me!


Build: 8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe (The Arcade)

Sofa, Rocking chair, hanging ornaments + Knitting basketVespertine – Autumn Home Essentials (The Arcade)

Drawers + Rug: Apple Fall – Country Estate

Frames: SariSari – Vintage frames

BoxesSecond Spaces – Flea Market Finds (The Arcade)


Railroad lovers

Railroad lovers

On Jay – Credits
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis (C88)
Hair: Elikatira – Arabella
Shirt: Erratic – Amber tie-up shirt
Skirt: Coquet – County Rd 44 skirt
Shoes: Fri.day – Kokomo sandals
Pose: Made by me, not for sale

This is a special little post today because I have my friend Jay Murs joining me! He’s a great guy and a fantastic men’s blogger and photographer so you should definitely check him out!

I’ll be showing you what I’m wearing today, but if you want to see Jay’s credits (and some of the decor credits too), take a look at his blog!

Thank you Jay for posing with me!


Suitcases: Floorplan – Suitcase stack

Bike: Vespertine – Dreamers vehicle (Gacha)

Leaves: Kalopsia – Flying leaves

Fence: 8f8 – Our secret hideout meadow fence (Gacha)


On Olympus

On Olympus

Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis (C88)
Hair: Tableau vivant – Persephone (C88)
Headdress: Glam Affair – Victorious headdress (C88)
Wings: Half deer – Empyrean head wings (C88)
Necklace: Cae – Odyssey (C88)
Dress: Fashionably dead – Elysian fields (C88)
Shoes: Pure poison – Gold goddess sandals (C88)
Arm band: Lost Junction – Tokiwa’s treasures (We<3RP)
Ring: Lagyo – Metis ring (C88)
Nose ring: Lagyo – Metis septum ring (C88)

Hey! Guess what! There’s a new round of Collabor88 on! But it’s not just any old round of C88. It’s the 3rd Anniversary round! Take a step back in time and into Greek Mythology with tons of designers! Guest designers who have delighted us from previous rounds have returned and are joined by some new faces and of course the regulars are still there too!

Collabor88 is a very popular event, but it does last until the 7th September. So even if you can’t get into the sim now, you can always go another day!


Chair: 8f8 – Blossom throne (C88)

Curtains: BBQQ – Curtains A

Butterflies: Enfant Terrible – Moonchild (Fantasy gacha carnival)

Gazebo: DDD – Garden Pavillion (C88)


Making memories

Making memories

Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Barley (TSS)
Glasses: The Sugar garden – Mirai glasses 
Pipe: Leonard – Bubble Pipe (TSS)
Shirt: Gato – Crop tee (TSS)
Overalls: Mikunch – Skinny Salopette (TSS)
Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia Tropic (TSS)
Hair: Monso – Kate (TSS)
Hat: Argrace – Cowboy hat (Hair fair)
Flower: Tokame – Plastic flower headdress (TSS)
Playsuit: C’est la vie – Sunday’s playsuit (TSS)
Camera: Le Primitif – A summer to remember (TSS)
Shoes: Pixicat – Summer sandals (TSS)
Pose: !Bang – Mi compadre

The Seasons Story is now open and everything has gone down a bit of a country lane for summer it seems! So what better way to show off all these awesome goodies than with a picnic down on the farm?

8f8 has made a really nice ‘secret hideout’ gacha full of cute, romantic and whimsical things to win. There’s trees, chairs and picnic blankets with poses for singles or as a couple and a whole load of adorable decorations like photo albums and crafty goods. It’s perfect for picnics!

What’s a picnic without tasty treats then? Poche, lord of all pixel food, (in my opinion) has baked some tasty orange tarts up that serve you a slice when you touch them as well as some deliciously adorable ice-lollies to keep you cool too!

Hair: Sopha by Ohmai (Hair Fair)

Glam Affair has released a brand new, never seen before skin tone for The Seasons Story and Cassia seems to pull it off well! Since the Tropic tone is new, when you purchase any one of the 6 makeups, you get all of the appliers you could possibly need included in the box. So you won’t need to run around the mainstore picking up all the appliers you need. As per usual, each makeup comes in 8 eyebrow colours. This is just one of the 2 new skin colours that have made their debut this week, I’ll be showing the other new tone in a post later this week so watch out for that!


Blanket: 8f8 – Our Secret hideout (TSS)

Albums: 8f8 – Our Secret hideout (TSS)

Hay bales: Cheeky Pea – Whitby hay bales (TSS)

Bar: Cheeky Pea – Whitby Pallet bar (TSS)

Goats: Half Deer – Pygmy goats (TSS)

Guitar: Aitui – Epic Acoustic (TSS)

Table: Junk – Salvaged tractor table (TSS)

Sign: Junk – Fresh Eggs sign (TSS)

Tarts: Poche – Summer orange tart (TSS)



Skin: Glam Affair – Brandi (TSS)
Hair: INK – Springlike (TSS)
Flower crown: Aisling – Pimflette elegance headdress (TSS)
Twig Crown: Le Poppycock – Persephone’s halo (Eden rising)
Choker: Buzzeri – Spring flowers choker (TSS)
Dress: Aisling – Laura Dress (TSS)
Lamb: Birdy – Spring babes
Armlet: Half deer – Spring blossom armlet 
Branches: 8f8 – Young Sakura with beads (TSS)

When I found out that The Seasons Story opened up on the 10th instead of the 12th, you wouldn’t believe how fast I ran to the location. So sorry about that! But it’s well and truly underway now and guys and girls alike will love it! Ever since last round’s lag-haven, they’ve taken everyone’s advice into account and now I found the sim was almost completely lag-free (which is very rare for me) so if that’s why you’re putting it off, don’t!

So of course since this is the spring round, I was in floral paradise and grabbed anything and everything that was pink or girly enough for my tastes. My personal favourites is this adorable hair by INK which is available in all the usual colours as well as a few limited to the event colours too, and for only 160L$ per colour, it’s such a big steal! You can’t really tell on this photo but there are little braids that start at the front and wrap around to the back of the head which really makes this hairstyle super unique! I also loved Aisling’s beautifully detailed flower crown and mix n’ match dresses, both with colour change/pattern change options on pretty much every aspect of them.

The Seasons Story runs until the end of the month and features a lot of amazing designers where you can get everything from clothes to furniture to skins to hair!