Roll up, roll up!

Roll up, roll up!

Skin: Glam Affair – Katra (C88)
Makeup: Clemmm – Powder cheek dots
Hair: Rezology – Noir
Corset, hat, epaulets & Choker: Enfant Terrible – Showstopper (TAG)
Jacket: BOOM – After crop jacket
Fingers: CX – Finger fades (Black fashion fair)
Stockings: AviCandy – Suspender stockings
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Jolenta

Stage & Cannon: Hideki – Freak show

Posters: Second Spaces – Sideshow superstars (TAG)

Wheel & Stool: 7 Emporium – Estate sale collection

Highwire & Hoops: Pilot – Flea circus

Sign: Fetch – Abandoned set

Crime of passion

Crime of passion

Hair: Little Bones – Transmute (Fameshed)
Lingerie: Erratic – Giselle (Uber)
Corset: Erratic – Alexis (Uber)
Necklace: Lagyo – Hamsa (Fameshed)
Garter: Boom – Noony garters
Shoes: Femme Fatale – Bollywood Stiletto 

Skin: Glam Affair – Lauren (Uber)
Hair: Truth – Bijou

Chair: Sway’s – Tied up chair (Uber)

Bar: N4RS – Midnight bar (Uber)

Sofa: Aria – Blair living mini set (Uber)

Shelf: Erratic – CoC (Gacha)

Vase: Kalopsia – Dear mr grey


Miami Motel

Miami motel

Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis Party girl (C88)
Hair: Truth – Posy (New!)
Glasses: Boom – Levonchuck sunglasses (C88)
Headband: Magika – headband
Necklace: Glam Affair – Amelie necklace (C88)
Bodysuit: Tee*fy – Tiffany bodysuit (C88)
Bracelet, earrings & ClutchLagyo – Morgan Collection (C88)
Shoes: – Gloria heels (C88)
Pose: Bauhaus movement – Rome

A brand new round of Collabor88 opened it’s doors on Monday. This month’s theme is ‘miami electric’ so I hope you like all things bright, neon and 80’s! I think my favourite thing from this round has to be the ‘No Bling Allowed’ sign by The Loft. I snapped it up straight away the moment I saw it and I might keep it on my platform hehe.

Hair: Truth – Tulip (New!)

And I’m sure as we’re all aware by now. New Collab round = New Glam Affair skin! This is the Party Girl edition of Artemis and she has some wonderfully vivid makeups! She’s available in Europa and Jamaica tones and sports 8 different makeups, all including 8 eyebrow colours and a no-eyebrow option plus a tintable eyebrow tattoo layer in case you feel like being really crazy and going with pink hair or something.

Also, it’s no secret by now that I fell head over heels with TheShops‘ Mesh project body and yesterday, Aida announced she’s made Glam Affair appliers for the body! I’m not wearing it in the photo because they weren’t out yet but if you’re a fan of the body too and wear a lot of Glam Affair skins, pop on over and grab some appliers! Currently, the only tones available are Africa, India, America, Jamaica, Europa, Artic, Asia and Petal so those of you who wear the fantasy tones may have to wait a while longer.


Motel: Intrigue Co. – Miami electric motel (C88)

Neon Sign: The Loft – Neon sign no bling (C88)

News dispenser: Floorplan – Newspaper machine (Gacha)

Bears: Mishmish – Fuzzball bear (C88)

Bench: Flowey X Teawood – Pizz Miami Sofa (C88)

Pew Pew!

Pew pew

On Runa – Credits
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam Affair – Skye (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Kyary (District 5) 
Headphones: Remarkable Oblivion – Cat-a-clysm
Antenna: Boom – Jet set ears (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Bodysuit: Nylon’s hideout – Plastic leotard
Boots: Boom – Jet set boots (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Gun: Boom – Piyo piyo gun (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Cat: Pixicat – Space Companion (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Build: Bauwerk – The Outpost

What’s that I hear you say? You want more Arcade previews? Well it just so happens that I have my friend Runa with to to show off what BOOM has made! It’s an awesome space accessories gacha! There are helmets, boots, ray-guns and antenna, all in a myriad of adorable colours! The guns and boots are also cleverly scripted so you can blast your friends with hearts and your enemies with lasers or just fly around the cosmos in your fancy jet-boots!

And where would a space-bunny be without her trusty companion? Pixicat has made some super cute space-pets that you can pose with! There are lots of animals to win such as pugs, bunnies and sloths or my personal favourite, the shiba-dog!

Thank you Runa for posing with me! Wanna know what Runa is wearing? Click here!



Voodoo Child

Voodoo child

Skin: Glam Affair – Skye (Coming soon @The Arcade)
Hair & Hat: Tableau vivant – Barony (TFC)
Makeup: Nox – La Catrina (TFC)
Body: The Shops – Deluxe body
Necklace 1: Izzie’s – Blood vial necklace (TFC)
Necklace 2: Boom – Bonnwi Collier (TFC)
Dress: Faida – Baronne vendredi (TFC)
Vest & Belt: Enfant Terrible – Witches do it better (TFC)
Shoes: Noodles – Acacia sandals (TFC)
Voodoo doll: Hopscotch – Stick a needle in my eye (TFC)

A new round of The Fantasy Collective just started up and the theme is ‘Bayou’! So there’s lots of swampy, voodoo, witchdoctor goodness to be found.

We all know I’m a serial ‘re-purposer’. Because I like to have matching jewellery sets, any time I get a necklace, I just have to make copies and turn them into belts, bracelets, headdresses, anklets, even sometimes earrings! The ‘belt’ around my waist is actually a necklace by Enfant Terrible called ‘Witches do it better’ and it comes with a very nice vest to match too (you can just about see it peeking out from behind my luxurious Tableau Vivant locks!).


Location: The Isle


Wish you were here

Wish you were here

Skin: Glam Affair – Brandi
Hair: Milk – Summer wine (Rhapsody)
Flower: Lagyo – Anthurium and palms (New!)
Bikini: Boom – Ariara bikini (Summerfest)
Sandals: Essenz – San Francisco (New!)
Body: Slink – Physique (New!)

I’m going on holiday for a week! But before I go I have a few more things to show you to get you into the summery mood.

Rhapsody will open up at noon SLT today and it’s a huge event inspired by different genres of music. Everything from metal to pop and punk to disco is included! Milk has made this beautiful Lana Del Rey inspired hair called ‘Summer wine’ which I absolutely adore (seriously, I haven’t taken it off once). There are a ton of fantastic designers taking part so I definitely suggest you stop by when it opens!

Lagyo has finally released their new summer collection and it’s very tropical! Named after Nymphs, it’s a perfect way to spice up your swimsuit! There are necklaces, masks, rings, and a ton of hats and headpieces to choose from in a bunch of beautifully tropical colours!

Also! When I get back I’ll be writing up my thoughts on the new Slink Mesh body, Physique! So you have that to look forward to~

That’s all from me for this week! Have a nice summer everyone!


Location: State of Confusion





Skin: Glam affair – Brandi (TSS)
Hair: Laviere – Genevieve
Headpiece: Zibska – Georgie (Limited bazaar)
Necklace: Boom – The illustrious sprocket 
Earrings: Luxe – Wooden gear earrings
Eyeliner: Blackliquid – Feline noir (Cosmetics fair)
Lips: Buzzeri – Gradient gloss (Cosmetics fair)
Makeup: Swallow – Make up gems (Cosmetics fair)
Nails: Chic Zafari – Claw couture (Cosmetics fair)
Pose: Kirin – Haru

The Spring edition of the Cosmetics fair has opened it’s doors once more and there’s a bunch of  pretty makeups, manicures, skins, eyes and hairs to be found! I’m showing off just a few of my favourite finds but I really did go a little bit wild and bought a whole bunch of stuff. Makeup layers are a great way of spicing up your skins for a fraction of the cost it would be to buy a new one so be sure to pay a visit and see what’s on offer.

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Hair: Little bones – Limbs (100 block)
Top: Tee*fy – Julianna cropped top
Necklace: Yummy – Satin bow and pearls set
Skirt: Nylon Outfitters – Tutu set (C88)
Shoes: – Ella (C88)
Pose: Sari-Sari – Groundsit (K9)
Hair: Truth – April (C88)
Top: Tee*fy – Sophie cut-out ruffle top (C88)
Jacket: COCO – Jacket over shoulders (Fameshed)
Necklace: Yummy – Silver rose pendant (C88)
Skirt: Tee*fy – Su pencil skirt (C88)
Shoes: ANE – Strappy heels (C88)
Pose: Imeka – Juice

Hey look! More Collabor88 goodies! This time I just have to talk about Tee*fy’s stuff this round because it’s adorable! The Sophie cut-out tops and Su skirts all go so perfectly together, you don’t even have to worry about which will match what. Plus I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw that the skirts were only 88L$ each. I paired them with ANE’s super pretty strappy heels (which I’ll probably be wearing more often because I adore them) and a little pendant from Yummy.

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Dress: Boom – Ready set Jetson dress (C88)
Belt: Lagyo – Mirte necklace (C88)
Boots: Baiastice – Lunar Ankle boots (C88)
Dress: Gang/Cold – Shiva dress (Final fantasy festival)
Gloves: VRSION – Konvert gloves
Boots: Plastik – Malicious boots
Space pigs: Ohmai – Astropork companion (C88)

It’s time for a brand new round of Collabor88! This time it’s a little different because the permanent designers have collaborated with others to produce the items! You’ll find Ohmai and Mishmish, Glam affair and Truth, UFO and BCC, Flowey and Breno, Lagyo and Faenzo, Boom and Miseria and so many more. The theme this round is ‘Supernova’, so if you love bright colours, nebula print and structured designs then this round is so for you!

Skin: Atomic – Muse (C88)
Hair: Clawtooth – Moonage daydream (C88)
Eyes: S0ng – Murky eyes

On the left outfit, I’m rocking a very futuristic dress by *BOOM* with these awesome ankle boots from Baiastice. The belt is actually one of Lagyo’s necklaces resized to fit around my waist (just because I felt my hips needed some love too!) but of course it looks just as awesome in its original necklace form. Wear it with a plain or block-colour dress to give your outfit a sci-fi edge!

Our little piggie friends are by Ohmai. Pair them with Anya’s prom partner, Mishmish to give your home/kids nursery some cute spacey decor with little planets and porky pals! They also make for adorable wearable companions or plushies so you can take your bacony-buddy with you on all your adventures.

And on the right I’m wearing Clawtooth’s new hair called ‘Moonage daydream’. You can get this hair in an exclusive colour pack available only during C88. It’s very bright and even appears to have glitter in it! My skin is by Atomic and it’s a more galactic version of their new ‘muse’ skin which came out very recently, featuring cool purple and gold makeup and optional nebula lipstick tattoo. There are a variety of skin tones to choose from and it also contains loud mouth appliers as well!

Skin: Glam affair – Sylvia (C88)
Hair: Laviere – Momo (Free)
Eyes: IKON – Lucid
Eyeliner: Glam affair – Star liner (Gacha)

Glam Affair has been a very busy bee because their new skin, ‘Sylvia’ has made its debut at this round of C88. But it’s not just any GA skin. Sylvia is Glam Affair’s first fully customisable skin to date. You heard right! She currently only comes in America tone but I’m sure there will be variations in the future. The ‘base pack’ comes with all the usual eyebrow colours plus a browless skin, 3 basic lipstick tattoos, 3 nose contour tattoos, and 4 cheek contour tattoos. You can purchase extra add-on packs which include 4 eyebrow tattoos (in 8 colours), 8 eye makeups and 3 lipstick styles (in 8 colours). With all these combined, you can effortlessly create literally hundreds of combinations without spending money on a brand new skin. Check out the little chart I made below. This only shows some of the combinations you can make but I think you get idea just how expansive this pack is. The best part? You’ll be making a massive saving by purchasing these during C88!

When I said Glam affair had been busy, I really did mean it because they’re also taking part in L’accessoires‘ timeless romance valentine’s gacha event! You can get this cool mesh eyeliner/lashes seen on the right in a bunch of colours and two different styles. It just so happens that they look perfect with these galactic themed outfits so how could I resist giving my eyes some…well eye candy!

And finally, the pretty flower headresses you see in the images below showing you the Sylvia makeups are another one of Glam affair’s new releases for c88. The Bohemian romance headdress is available in a multitude of pretty colours and should be a wardrobe staple for the upcoming spring season!

Phew that was a lot to cover huh?

Hair: Elikatira – Jana
Headdress: Glam affair – Bohemian romance (C88)
Eyes: IKON – Promise


Location: ISON

The cold never bothered me anyway

The cold never bothered me anyway

Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Dress: Dead Dollz – Frozen
Hat: LPD – Dida hat (Group gift)

In order to get into the spirit of Christmas, I went to see the new movie ‘Frozen’ yesterday. I was so in love with the style and the colours and the songs I decided to put together this Frozen inspired outfit! This gorgeous gown is a new release from Dead Dollz, originally created for Miss V Norway 2014, Misoindite Romano. It’s now available in more beautiful colour combinations like warm chocolates and sweet berries as well as the frosty rendition you see pictured. The entire dress is mesh with meticulous details along the skirt and the bust, optional bow on the back and fur stole in multiple sizes to fit any body shape. Fit for a frosty princess don’t you think?

The cold never bothered me anyway

Hair: Truth – Felicity
Jewelry: Lassitude & Ennui – Dewdrop jewelry
Nail appliers: Boom – Winter nail set

Les Petits Details has been generous enough to give group members a special little gift this Christmas. The cute hat featured in the top photo is just one of three colours the gift comes in, the other two being a toasty brown and a versatile black. Take this hat from winter to spring and back again with snuggly coats or summer dresses! The LPD group is free to join and there are lots of other group gifts for you outside of the store as well as a few freebies in the skin area!


Location: Jasmine’s Hollow