Sweet Little Susie

Sweet Little Susie

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Hallie
Dress & Hat: Violent Seduction – Strega (Kustom9)
Jewelry: Schadenfreude – Pearl Mori Jewelry (C88)
Claws: CX – Stinger claws
Stockings: FnH – Stockings white
Garter: Sweet Thing – Aetherial Necromancer (TAG)
Shoes: Ingenue – Laura heels (C88)
Pose: Vibe – Friday night (Kustom9)

Skin: Glam Affair – Katra Miami Lights (Uber)
Hair: Truth – Malea

Build: Vespertine – Centre of the universe

Frames 1 & Bell jars: Vespertine – Oddinary Curiosities (TAG)

Frames 2: Half Deer – Butterfleyes

Fireplace: Lisp – Portland wood burner (C88)

Rug: Half Deer – Messy rug

Lanterns: Kalopsia – Chain Lamps (Kustom9)

Drawers, table, cards & books: Kalopsia – Madame Shae Dee (TAG)

Candles: Aisling – Candles

Dolls: Remarkable Oblivion – The Doll maker (TAG)

Ouija Board: Erratic – Spirit board

Roll up, roll up!

Roll up, roll up!

Skin: Glam Affair – Katra (C88)
Makeup: Clemmm – Powder cheek dots
Hair: Rezology – Noir
Corset, hat, epaulets & Choker: Enfant Terrible – Showstopper (TAG)
Jacket: BOOM – After crop jacket
Fingers: CX – Finger fades (Black fashion fair)
Stockings: AviCandy – Suspender stockings
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui – Jolenta

Stage & Cannon: Hideki – Freak show

Posters: Second Spaces – Sideshow superstars (TAG)

Wheel & Stool: 7 Emporium – Estate sale collection

Highwire & Hoops: Pilot – Flea circus

Sign: Fetch – Abandoned set



Hair 1: Epoque – Ever
Hair 2: Rosy Mood – Suberakashi Fu
Flowers: Naminoke – Higanbana hair acce
Kanzashi: Naminoke – Hoozuki Kanzashi
Blindfold: AY – Kabuki Sukeroku (Xiasumi)
Kimono: Melon Bunny – Furisode Kimono
Robe: Melon Bunny – Furisode Robe
Obi: Melon Bunny – Obi band (Xiasumi)
Geta: TSG – Pawprint Geta
Wraps: CX – Leg wraps (Arena)

Head: Lelutka – Aria
Appliers: Glam Affair – Aria
Hair: Truth – Armelle (Uber)

Head: Lelutka – Ever
Appliers: Glam Affair – Ever
Hair: Truth – Willa

Head: Lelutka – Leda
Appliers: Glam Affair – Leda
Hair: Truth – Harmony

Build: 8f8 – Koi house (Xiasumi)

Charms: Antielle – Ofuda charms (Xiasumi)

Lanterns: Anc – Temari

Cushions: Soul mates – Japanese Kyoudai Zabuton

Calligraphy: 8f8 – Shodo set (Xiasumi)

Torii gate: PFC – Torii Gate

Wrap it up

Wrap it up

Skin: Glam Affair – Penny (TSS)
Hair: Analog Dog – Joan
Hairsticks: CX – Autumn blooms
Lingerie: Dead Dollz РDeLACEous 
Ropes: Haste – Kinbaku Rope harness
Arms + Ankles: Soedara – Bitch in ropes
Shoes: CX – Grungy Geta (TSS)

We’re going a little eastern today because I felt like Dead Dollz‘s new lingerie would make a perfect base for it! This lingerie was featured in the latest issue of Ferosh (which I was also a part of by the way!) and guess what? It’s Mesh project appliers!

When it comes to lingerie appliers for TMP body, they’re either stupidly blurry/misaligned or ridiculously expensive. But these appliers by Dead Dollz are well worth the money. Kiddo had made a few different designs for these and I’ve never seen lace look so crisp and clear in SL ever!

Thanks to Honshu for letting me borrow his legs~


Bonsai: CX – Autumn Bonsai

Table, Cushion + Mirror: Anc. – Japaneseroomdeco.

Box: Soul mates – Emakimono Yokubo (Gacha)




Hair: Tram – C601 hair
Tattoo: Gang/Cold – Dragonborn tattoo
Necklace: Zibska – Amelie
Pipe: Chav shope – Kiseru pipe
Screens: CX – Shoji screen

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens up on the 4th and there are a whole bunch of amazing designers taking part. The previews are already rolling in so you can do a bit of window shopping before it opens up by checking out the FGC flickr stream. There’s quite literally everything there to suit your Roleplaying needs, or even if you’re like me and just fancy dressing up sometimes!

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