Body: Coco – Doll body
Dress: Moon Amore – Primavera dress (FFAP)
Shoes: Violent Seduction – Gyaru heels
Pose: Posesion – Libra (Coming soon @Kustom9)
Balloons: C’est la vie – Oops! Balloon (TCF)

I have a bunch of different things from a lot of different events to show you today so buckle up!

First off I want to talk about this pretty dress which is available at this round of Fit For a Princess. It’s by Moon Amore who is one of +[Nouveaux]+’s resident designers and it’s 100% original mesh! You can wear the dress with or without the optional flower arrangement around the top and both the flowers and the dress are colour change thanks to the handy-dandy HUD. I’m in love with the beautifully vivid colours and the pretty ruffles!

A new round of Kustom9 opens up on the 15th so here’s a little sneaky peek at some of the things you can get! The jar I’m posing in is actually a cute little home decor item from Keke. It was mod so I thought I’d blow it up and pose with handsome Mr Rabbit here. Isn’t he fashionable? Also the cute wooden tables behind me are Sari-Sari’s for the event and they have all these cute books and candles on them, even a little picture frame where you can add your own photos!


Skin: Glam Affair – Brandi
Hair: Spellbound – Morrigan (FGC)
Headdress: Aisling – Pimflette elegance headdress
Jar & Rabbit: Keke – Summer Jar (coming soon @Kustom9)
Hat: LODE – Ooo (TCF)

Finally, it’s The Chapter Four‘s anniversary edition going on right now and all the designers have left out special presents for all who are in the TCF group! The group is free to join so I dressed Mr Rabbit up in this funny little hat from LODE and posing with the balloons by C’est la Vie, which just so happened to match the rest of my outfit!


Tables: Sari-sari – Wood slab table set (coming soon @Kustom9)

Teacups: Half deer – A Cup of spring

Planter: Half deer – Beary spring planter

Lantern: Mishmish – Candle lantern (Coming soon @The Garden)

String Lights: Floorplan – String lights

Bunny: Half deer – Oopsie daisy bunnypup

Chipmunk: Mishmish – Chipmunk with butterfly

Stump: Mishmish – Chipmunk’s house


Blue Jeans + WowMeh’s fitted mesh body!

Blue jeans

Body: WowMeh – Mesh body (Currently unavailable)
Shoes: JD – Cult Gold (Group gift)
Jeans: Maitreya – Slim BF jeans
Pose: Argrace – Akane

So I have an exciting post for you today about Wowmeh’s fitted mesh body but before that I have to show you a couple new things from the past couple weeks!

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Cutie Scouts!

Cutie Scouts!

On Rose – Credits
On Gwin – Credits
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam affair – Brandi (Cutie moon)
Hair: Taketomi – Quele (Group Gift)
Bow: Cooties – Bows (Cutie moon)
Uniform: Violent Seduction – Eternal uniforms (Cutie moon)

Calling all Sailor Scouts, your planet needs you! The Cutie Moon fair opens up on April 1st and here you can deck yourselves out in all your Senshi necessities from communicators and disguise pens to uniforms and power wands! It’s all there and more. I decided to suit up in my Sailor Venus outfit with Rose and Gwin joining me as Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon. We’re all wearing these great uniforms from Violent Seduction, all of the Sailors and outer-senshi are included in the colours so you can be any of your favourite characters! It utilises fitted mesh too so there’s no need for multiple sizes but you will need an updated viewer in order to see it correctly! I’m going to be going over my outfit today (far left) but if you’d like to know what Rose (middle) and Gwin (right) are wearing, then check out their blogs!

Wand: TSG – Spiral heart rod (Cutie Moon)
Compact: TSG – Henshi compact (Cutie Moon)
Shoes: – Diana (C88)

The Sugar Garden has really gone all out for this event, making a bunch of cute accessories, essential to any Sailor Scout! There’s Compacts, Plushies, Jewelry and my personal favourite, Magic wands! If you give the wand HUD a little tippy-tap, it’ll play sounds, animation and a bunch of magical particle effects do you can blast your enemies with your planetary powers! Each wand plays a different colour and particle effect depending on the scout so they’re a lot of fun to play with!

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Sabahi
Eyes: IKON – Promise

Glam Affair is also taking part in the event and has made another really adorable skin! Brandi comes in Artic, Asia, America and Jamaica tones and has 6 makeups and 13 (yes! 13!) brow colours, a no brow option, 14 lipstick tattoos and 2 nose tattoo add-ons! There aren’t quite as many combinations in this skin as previous releases but the gorgeous eye makeups are to die for! I don’t have any other way to describe these skins other than…magical!

The Cutie Moon Fair is brought to you by the awesome people who make Collabor88 and The Arcade possible so this event is guaranteed to be excellent quality and a whole bunch of fun!


Rust Away

Rust away

Top: Pixicat – Cutout tie top (New!)
Jeans: Pixicat – Highwaisted jeans (New!)
Boots: – Hunter boots
Bag: Xiaj – ibi messenger bags (TCF)
Pose: Del May – How about it?

Have you been to The Chapter Four yet? No? Well go! There’s a bunch of cute stuff this round from the regulars as well as couple new designers popping in too! Xiaj has popped these messenger bags into a gacha in a whole bundle of different colours and designs from camo to polkadot (including my favourite, florals!) so you’re bound to win something that you’ll love! Offbeat has a cute cardigans gacha that I pumped so much money into! You can buy this collar as an extra add-on for the cardigans but I like collecting these to go with my other shirts as well! Since mesh isn’t the best thing to layer with, these add-on collars are great for spicing up that tank top you’ve had knocking around for ages without a bunch of scary clipping or utilising clothing layers!

Okay well have to been to Nouveaux yet? Not either?! Come on I’m trying my best here! Pixicat, our resident mesh-master has created this adorable knotted top and jeans set! They come in a variety of colours and, you can’t see under my blazer but, they have really cute cut out shoulders! Both are 100% original mesh and both are a real steal too with the jeans only coming in at 100L$! You really won’t find quality like this for prices like these so do check out Pixicat and show her some love!

Rust away

Skin: Glam affair – Aria (Arcade)
Hair: Milk – Oh Cecilia (group gift)
Hat: Enfant Terrible – Travel souvenirs (Arcade)
Blazer: The Secret store – Structured blazer
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Heart key pendant
Collar: Offbeat – Spring cardigan add shirt (TCF)

Now, you must have been to The Arcade by now, right? Good! This cute kitty-ear bowler hat is one of the common prizes from Enfant Terrible’s machine and oh my goodness is it not just the cutest? Hats with cat-ears are my weakness! I tipped it to one side to show off this cute bun hairstyle, which is a new group gift from Milk! The group is free to join and Katt puts out a new gift every month so definitely join the group and stay there! All the colour HUDs are included as well so you blondes and redheads need not fear!


Location: The Sideroads Blues




On Ciel
See here
On Xanthe
Dress: Mutresse – Stilna dress (FaMeshed)
Shoes: Pure Poison – Alexandra heels (New!)
Pose: Del May – Hotness

I grabbed gorgeous Miss Cieleste Magic for a post today to show off Mutresse’s new release for this round of FaMeshed. No, we’re not both wearing different dresses, they’re exactly the same dress! The Stilna dress comes with a fantastic colour change HUD which allows you to change every aspect of the dress. Every single one of the tailored panels on this piece can be changed to one of 11 colours via the HUD, making it a capsule wardrobe-lover’s dream and my new favourite dress!

Also at FaMeshed is my pretty ruffly collar from Glam Affair (I wasn’t kidding when I said this dress could match anything, was I?) and it’s available to purchase in a bunch of essential colours to give your neckline some zing! Wear it with a plain tank top to instantly spice it up with a little touch of flashy elegance.

flickrie . 30 with Xanthe

Photo by Cieleste Magic
Skin: Glam Affair – Aria (Arcade)
Hair: Tram – A817 hair
Necklace: Pure Poison – Teo diamonds necklace (Group gift)
Collar: Glam Affair – Embellished ruffle collar (FaMeshed)

My shoes are a new release from Pure Poison over at their mainstore. You’ll need to own the Slink high feet to be able to wear them but everyone should own a pair of black strappy shoes! I should also mention that the 500L$ store credit offer is now no longer available, but the group is still free to join so you can of course pick up all the current and past gifts while you’re there.

If you’d like to know what Ciel is wearing on the right, check out her post about it here!

Thank you Ciel for posing with me, dealing with my random crashes and for looking so fabulous!


Location: ISON



Dress: Pixicat – Prudence dress (New!)
Pocket: Birdy – Pocket pals (Gacha)
Clutch: Finesmith – Pola clutch
Shoes: Ingenue – Delia heels
Pose: Kirin – Catty

Anyone as excited for The Arcade as I am? Well you should be! There are some fantastic designers taking part this round as well as some of the regulars. Today I decided to give you all a little sneak peek at what Glam Affair has to offer this coming round (starting March 1st!). The Aria skins will come as 12 common items to win, check out below for what they are, and 8 rare add-on packs. Much like Sylvia from Collabor88, Aria will be fully customisable with the rare packs and base skin! If you’re lucky, you can mix and match the add-on packs to create endless combinations to match any look! Aria comes in brand new tone, Asia too, but don’t worry about running around trying to tint your hands and feet attachments, essential appliers are included in your prize! Over the next few days I’ll be covering more Arcade items but if you can’t wait that long and want to see all there is in store, check out the Arcade Shopping guide!

There’s a new store on the grid by the name of Pixicat! Some of you may or may not know that I co-run a small home for new designers to kickstart their businesses with a couple friends of mine and Pixicat is one of our new start-up stores! She originally started making original mesh content for The Sims games but has since moved over to SL to treat you all to exciting 100% original mesh products! The Prudence dress is available in a bunch of pretty and essential colours, all of which are exquisitely detailed. This store definitely deserves some loving so swing by Nouveaux and check her out!


Skin: Glam Affair – Aria (Coming soon @Arcade)
Hair: Tram – D219 (New!)
Necklace: Pure Poison – Boho time (Group gift)
Ring: Pure Poison – Ruby cross rings (Group gift)
Jacket: Diram – Nyssa (New!)

And finally, the Pure Poison group hasn’t been free to join for as long as I can remember, but not anymore! Shaleene has set the group fee to 0L$ but I don’t know for how long so better join sooner than later. All the past group gifts are out for you to stuff into your pockets and for one week only, you can get 500L$ free store credit to spend on all the jewellery, clothes and accessories your inventory can handle! You really don’t want to miss out on such high quality (and regular, monthly) gifts!


Location: Neva River




Dress: Dead Dollz – February VIP group gift (Group gift)
Pose: Glitterburps – Xanthe (Custom, not for sale)
Shoes: Gos – Carrie Pumps

Hi girls! Okay so I know blogging over here has been a bit sporadic lately, but I can explain I swear! I normally get the majority of my blog photos done at the weekends but since February is home to so many birthdays in my family, I just haven’t had the time to blog between travelling up and down the country to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to everyone! They’re all out of the way now though so I’ll be able to get back to dishing out regular content again.

We’ve missed out on a little bit though! This gorgeous lace gown is the new VIP group gift from Dead Dollz. I just love the sexy slit down the leg and beautiful satin-like textures. The VIP group isn’t free to join but it’s well worth forking out the fee because Dead Dollz makes some very high quality items from formal gowns to casual dresses and even sexy lingerie! Plus you get a percentage of store credit with every purchase and a new gift every month. If that doesn’t tempt you, I don’t know what will!


Skin: Glam affair – Sylvia (C88)
Hair: Faenzo – Uffie (1L$)
Jewelry: Zibska – Ambrosia Deux (50L$)

Zibska, the couture jewellery brand we all know and love, is having a spring clear out of some of their old stock. Everything on the blue shelves over at the mainstore is only 50L$! That’s everything from men’s, unisex and women’s jewellery, clothes and even makeup. Needless to say, you’d be making a huge saving since regular Zib items usually hover around the 200L$ – 300L$ mark. Each makeup pack includes all the colours, and each jewellery set usually includes multiple pieces (ie. necklaces + earrings & bracelets) and a colour change HUD with a myriad of options! With that amount of variety and versatility, 300L$ doesn’t sound like a bad price, but for only 50L$? You can’t go wrong!

I also have to say a big thank you to Gwin for custom making the pose in the top photo for me! She’s very talented and awesome at making useful poses which are just perfect for bloggers wanting to show off certain items! Check out her store and show her some love okay?



Welcome to the Future

Welcome to the Future

Skin: Pink Fuel – Sora special edition (Futurewave)
Hair: Magika – Never
Suit: Graves – G461 velocity (Futurewave)
Boots: – River boots
Gun: Gallactic – Ray gun (Futurewave)
Jetpack: Gallactic – Jetpack (Futurewave)
Poses: Nantra – Requiem (Futurewave)

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of Futurewave and the hype behind it. If you haven’t then keep reading because I have some amazing stuff to show you today!

Futurewave is an event run by Cursed events, the clever minds behind Gothmas by gaslight and the always popular World Goth Fair! If you like futuristic themes, are a sci-fi role-player in SL or even if you’re like me and just enjoy playing dress up every once in a while then this event is definitely worth checking out. There are tons of fantastic stores taking part and all of them have made great exclusives just for the event (Pssst, I saw a few freebies too!).

So why don’t I give you the rundown? The red suit on the right is by Gallactic and it comes with all the appliers for your mesh attachments that you’ll ever need. You can also buy the mesh boots, collar and gloves separately if you wish. Gallactic also made the laser gun and jetpack worn on the left, both again are available in a few different colours to choose from! The suit on the left is by Graves and again it comes with a bunch of appliers for tangos and phat azz but it can also be worn a bunch of different ways by mixing and matching the attachments! Combine that with the different colour options available and you have yourself and extremely versatile piece of kit that will definitely become an essential for role-players and cosplayers alike!

Welcome to the Future

Skin: Essences – Emma
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Lisa
Visor: Papermoon – Holovisor (Futurewave)
Suit: Gallactic – Halcyon (Futurewave)
Gloves: Gallactic – Eclipse gloves  (Futurewave)
Boots: Gallactic – Eclipse boots (Futurewave)
Collar: Gallactic – Eclipse collar (Futurewave)
Head tattoo: By snow – Mark of the future (Free!)

 Pink Fuel skins have crated a really cool version of their popular Sora skin which features strong brows and porcelain skin! It comes with a bunch of makeup and tattoo layers as well as an incredible amount of appliers for the baby bump, Puffy!, Phat azz and so much more! There really is a lot of value in this gorgeous skin so I definitely recommend checking it out at Futurewave! The poses are just perfect for taking those edgy badass future hero type photos, they’re by Nantra and look great with the various weaponry you’ll no doubt grab at the event too!

The red visor on the right is by Papermoon and you can get the tech version in a few other colours but also a ‘kawaii’ style is available too if you want something less serious and more cute! And last but definitely not least, the circuit head tattoo is actually a little free gift at the By Snow booth! It’s tintable so you can work it with any of your Futurewave outfits!


Location: Insilico

Valentine + Berry’s Birthday meme

Valentine + Berry's Birthday meme

Petals: Nantra – Be mine pose pack
Cookies: Imeka – Heart cookies
Lollipops: Static – HeartPOP (Free)
Shoes: – Maggie heels (New!)
Pose: Zzang – I love you so much

Hey everyone! It’s my birthday! Well not quite, it’ll be my birthday on the 15th February but I’m posting this early because I’ll be out of the country to celebrate for the weekend! I was born the day after Valentine’s day (much to my mother’s disappointment) but I’m extremely glad because my mum tells me if I was born not 8 hours earlier, she would have called me Valentine. Which is a man’s name.  And I probably would have changed it by now after suffering years of torment from the kids at school.

But hey, since it’s so close to Valentine’s day, I grabbed my fake husband, Kenzo Gateaux, for a shoot too (two memes in one?)

So today I thought it’d be a fun idea to take part in the Birthday Meme Miss Singh published on her birthday too!

  1. When is your birthday? – February 15th! The day after Valentine’s day. So I get both Valentine’s cards and birthday cards. Or at least I would if I ever had a Valentine *sob*.
  2. Pick one person who shares your birthday and share what you know about them. – According to, I share a birthday with The father of Science, Galileo Galilei himself. Which is cool because I like spacey-sciency stuff!
  3. List one notable event that took place on your birthday. – Well apparently Céline Dion’s ‘The power of love’ was top of the charts that week and the world population was 5,601,846,667! Little factoids because finding stuff that happened on my birthday is kinda hard. I guess everyone was all tuckered out from the night before, amirite guys? 😉
  4. Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday. – National gumdrop day, national hippo day (I’m detecting a theme here…) and Susan B. Anthony day (who also happened to be born on the 15th!). I’m assuming you learn about Hippos and Susan B. Anthony whilst eating gumdrops but I think I’m just gonna have a lie in, maybe breakfast in bed, watch TV and cry because yet again the only valentine’s card I received was from my dad.

I’m just kidding, it’s not all doom and gloom!

Valentine + Berry's Birthday meme

Skin: Glam affair – Sylvia (C88)
Hair: Analog dog – Meme
Necklace: Pure Poison – Heart Romance (New!)
Dress: Season 4 – Avec toi dress
Belt: Gos – Cinch belt

Celebratory pileups anyone? Click through the image below to be taken to the flickr page where you can download the original size (3000px). I’ve done pileups a couple times before but I hadn’t done one in a while so I’d love you see all your creations! You’re all so creative and I drool over your skills haha!

Birthday Pile-ups?

Hair: Magika – Never (50L$ until 18th!)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Knotted shimmer pearls
Dress: MotiAme – Suspender Culotte (Coming soon @Kustom9)

As always, I thank you all for being there for me. You’re all very special to me ❤

See you on Tuesday!




Dress: Boom – Ready set Jetson dress (C88)
Belt: Lagyo – Mirte necklace (C88)
Boots: Baiastice – Lunar Ankle boots (C88)
Dress: Gang/Cold – Shiva dress (Final fantasy festival)
Gloves: VRSION – Konvert gloves
Boots: Plastik – Malicious boots
Space pigs: Ohmai – Astropork companion (C88)

It’s time for a brand new round of Collabor88! This time it’s a little different because the permanent designers have collaborated with others to produce the items! You’ll find Ohmai and Mishmish, Glam affair and Truth, UFO and BCC, Flowey and Breno, Lagyo and Faenzo, Boom and Miseria and so many more. The theme this round is ‘Supernova’, so if you love bright colours, nebula print and structured designs then this round is so for you!

Skin: Atomic – Muse (C88)
Hair: Clawtooth – Moonage daydream (C88)
Eyes: S0ng – Murky eyes

On the left outfit, I’m rocking a very futuristic dress by *BOOM* with these awesome ankle boots from Baiastice. The belt is actually one of Lagyo’s necklaces resized to fit around my waist (just because I felt my hips needed some love too!) but of course it looks just as awesome in its original necklace form. Wear it with a plain or block-colour dress to give your outfit a sci-fi edge!

Our little piggie friends are by Ohmai. Pair them with Anya’s prom partner, Mishmish to give your home/kids nursery some cute spacey decor with little planets and porky pals! They also make for adorable wearable companions or plushies so you can take your bacony-buddy with you on all your adventures.

And on the right I’m wearing Clawtooth’s new hair called ‘Moonage daydream’. You can get this hair in an exclusive colour pack available only during C88. It’s very bright and even appears to have glitter in it! My skin is by Atomic and it’s a more galactic version of their new ‘muse’ skin which came out very recently, featuring cool purple and gold makeup and optional nebula lipstick tattoo. There are a variety of skin tones to choose from and it also contains loud mouth appliers as well!

Skin: Glam affair – Sylvia (C88)
Hair: Laviere – Momo (Free)
Eyes: IKON – Lucid
Eyeliner: Glam affair – Star liner (Gacha)

Glam Affair has been a very busy bee because their new skin, ‘Sylvia’ has made its debut at this round of C88. But it’s not just any GA skin. Sylvia is Glam Affair’s first fully customisable skin to date. You heard right! She currently only comes in America tone but I’m sure there will be variations in the future. The ‘base pack’ comes with all the usual eyebrow colours plus a browless skin, 3 basic lipstick tattoos, 3 nose contour tattoos, and 4 cheek contour tattoos. You can purchase extra add-on packs which include 4 eyebrow tattoos (in 8 colours), 8 eye makeups and 3 lipstick styles (in 8 colours). With all these combined, you can effortlessly create literally hundreds of combinations without spending money on a brand new skin. Check out the little chart I made below. This only shows some of the combinations you can make but I think you get idea just how expansive this pack is. The best part? You’ll be making a massive saving by purchasing these during C88!

When I said Glam affair had been busy, I really did mean it because they’re also taking part in L’accessoires‘ timeless romance valentine’s gacha event! You can get this cool mesh eyeliner/lashes seen on the right in a bunch of colours and two different styles. It just so happens that they look perfect with these galactic themed outfits so how could I resist giving my eyes some…well eye candy!

And finally, the pretty flower headresses you see in the images below showing you the Sylvia makeups are another one of Glam affair’s new releases for c88. The Bohemian romance headdress is available in a multitude of pretty colours and should be a wardrobe staple for the upcoming spring season!

Phew that was a lot to cover huh?

Hair: Elikatira – Jana
Headdress: Glam affair – Bohemian romance (C88)
Eyes: IKON – Promise


Location: ISON