Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly II (TCF)
Hair: Truth – Minerva (Uber)
Headpiece: Eudora – Isabella headpiece (Uber)
Mask & Jewelry: Aisling – Talulah
Necklace: The Forge – Pearl collar (Uber)
Corset: Eudora – Isabella Corset (Uber)

Hair: Little Bones – Birdie (Project Limited)


Sofa: Cheeky Pea – Priyanka Daybed (Uber)

Lanterns: Zaara – Ethnic Lanterns

Bowl: Zaara – Copper frangipani bowl




Skin: Glam Affair – Sia (TCF)
Hair: Blueberry – Alessa
Pearls: DeviousMind – Sarah la Seductrice
Lingerie: Erratic – Giselle
Shoes: SSD – Mata hari jeweled stiletto

Onyx Leshelle of Maitreya was kind enough to send me the new Lara mesh body just before release, but because of the holidays, I’ve only just gotten round to reviewing it now!

I’d been lusting after this body after I’d seen teasers for it on Onyx’s Flickr and now that it’s finally out, the hype was 100% justified. The overall shape is nice, and you can achieve a myriad of different body shapes, easily taking yourself from slender to curvy and everything in between without any weird rigging or what have you.

What I adore about this body most is the fact that it’s already got Glam Affair skins built in as default presets. So, for me as someone whose inventory is made of up 98% Glam Affair skins, you can understand my joy when I find out I don’t need to go out and buy yet more appliers for yet another mesh body. Of course, other skin brands will be making appliers for this too.

Side-by-side of popular fitted mesh bodies currently on the market. Same shape, same appliers. Raw image apart from cropping, text and censor bars.
Hair: Olive – The Melody

Currently, the only downside to this body for me personally would be the fact that at the moment there is only one hand pose included. But I did ask Onyx about this and here’s what she had to say;

Xanthe: The hands are really pretty, but do you have plan to make different hand poses in future?
Onyx: yes thats the plan 🙂 We didnt want to delay the release further for that at this point. And since people seem really happy with their slink hands and feet, in which they invested so much, i thought that many people will be ok with their slink hands for now (if they want more poses). I am also interested in feedback about such things. It is hard to know what people wish for. if there are people who want more hands, id love to make more hand options
Xanthe: Ooh I see! It’s great that you made it compatible with slink. I really like how realistic your hands are though. One thing I liked about the Belleza body was the fact that you can change hand poses in a single HUD. I think if Maitreya did something like that it’d be a huge help. It’s good having slink hand poses as an option for now but it’s a hassle rifling through folders to find a certain pose you know?
Onyx: yes I understand
Onyx: that was a great idea of belleza indeed
Onyx: we would need to invest some time in that, making more hands. But i would love to

I think it’s very fair not to delay the release any further, and since the Lara body is seamlessly compatible with slink hands, there shouldn’t be any issues for those who want to use different hand poses for the time being.

The feet that come with the body are beautifully realistic and I appreciate them a lot. However they are not compatible with slink shoes, so designers will have to make Maitreya-compatible shoes for those who prefer to wear the Lara feet as opposed to the Slink feet with their Maitreya body.

Many people who purchased the body have reported seeing ‘jagged shoulders’, but it’s not something that I’ve noticed myself. I’ve seen from screenshots that it can either be chalked down to a very minor rigging issue or something to do with the graphics for some. But I can’t say for sure since I haven’t experienced this.

Favourite Features

  • Seamlessly compatible with Slink hands + feet (XS size only)
  • Compatible with Omega system appliers
  • Rigged mesh lingerie included + Appliers lingerie by Zaara included
  • Preset with 10 skin-tones by Glam Affair
  • 3 layers for appliers
  • 3 foot styles
  • 3 Nail Lengths

All in all, I’d say this is hands down my favourite body so far. Maitreya is ticking all the right boxes with regards to realistic shape and making it compatible with other brands already on the market. Their alpha hud makes it easy to fit into any mesh clothes you might have and I’ll happily give it bonus points for using Glam Affair skins as default presets.

A big thank you to Onyx Leshelle who provided this body for review


Bed: Sway – Neal unmade bed

Flower Canopy: Kalopsia – Fancy Gazebo

Vanity: Cheeky Pea – bureau de brioude (Uber)

Coffee Days

Coffee days

Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis Cyber Princess (TLC)
Hair: Moon – Whirling thoughts (Kustom9)
Necklace: Lvl93 – Lariat chain necklace (Kustom9)
Top: Drift – Ubert loose tank
Coat: Pixicat – Autumn Jacket (Kustom9)
Pants: Mikunch – Yuru-mata slim cargo pants (Kustom9)
Shoes: TSG – Madame boots (Kustom9)
Socks: SOY – Ankle socks
Phone: Clavv – Executive phone call (Kustom9)
Backpack: Layover – Graphicz backpack (Kustom9)
Pig: Birdy/Alchemy – Wilbur (TCF)

Ah Autumn. I still prefer Summer but at least it’s better than Winter! But if you’re bundled up in a warm coat in a cosy cafĂ© (with a pet pig?) it’s not so bad.

Kustom9 is open again and there are lots of snuggly fall-related items. Everything from clothing and skins to houses and furniture is here so make sure you pay a visit!

Hair: Little bones – Willow (The Secret Affair)

There’s also a new release from Glam Affair at The Liaison collaborative too! It’s a futuristic, sci-fi variation of Artemis and she has some fantastic colours on her! Cyber Princess Artemis is available in America tone and features 6 lovely makeups, all of which include 8 eyebrow colours and one browless version, tintable eyebrow tattoo layer and various recommended brow-shapes.


Build: Haikei – Outdoor open house (Kustom9)

Furniture: Sari Sari – Twig furniture set (Kustom9)

Coffee mug: ANE – Slon set (Gacha)



Tsu! The Sugar Garden’s new mesh head


Head: The sugar Garden – Tsu (New!)
Hair: Truth – Clover (New!)
Headband: Lagyo – Rebel headpiece
Top & Skirt: VN – Retro Pencil (District 5)
Harness: Violent seduction – floral harness
Cardigan: COCO – Open front cardigan
Stockings: Pantsu Hunter – Lace socks & Garter
Shoes: L.Warwick – Luscious platform heels
Bat wings: The Sugar garden – Batty wings
Dog: Birdy/Alchemy – Chi chi chihuahua (The chapter four)
Bag: Adore&Abhor – Coffin purse
Chair: Mishmish & Mien – Memories chair (Atelier Kreslo)

The Sugar Garden released a brand new mesh head the other day. Her name is Tsu and she’s been teased to us on Eilfie’s Flickr timeline for a few months now. But she’s finally here and she’s a real cutie! Usually I’m not one for mesh heads but I just had to show you how adorable this one is and take you through some of the features it has!

The Sugar Garden Mesh Head

All photos from here onwards are raw, and have not been edited in any way with the exception of cropping, resizing and adding text.

This product was given to me for review.

TSG’s mesh head is rigged mesh. It’s not fitted mesh but you can still change the size of the head using your shape sliders. And it fits all of the rigged mesh hair I’ve tried on it which is good news.

It’s static, which means it’s not animated (like blinking etc.) but you can easily change expressions using the HUD. And you can also wear your own default/mesh/prim eyes with it.

It’s currently being sold for 3000L$ and includes all of the following;

What’s in the box!

When you purchase your pretty little head, you get the following included in the package;

.tsg. Mesh Head Alpha

.tsg. Mesh Head Instructional Notecard

.tsg. Tsu skin (In the tone to match your head. Bust, no bust, toned and soft-body versions included)

.tsg. Tsu Mesh Head

.tsg. Tsu Mesh Head HUD

I will say right off the bat that I love how the skin is included. Many mesh heads nowadays require purchasing the skins or appliers separately, which can often lead to complaints of people accidentally buying the wrong skin that won’t match their attachments (I won’t lie, I’ve done that before). But not this one!


The Hud is very self-explanatory as far as ease-of-use goes. Just wear it and click the logo to get started, then you can choose from makeups, hairbase and eyebrow colours and expressions. There are 16 makeups to choose from, 15 facial expressions and 32 preset hair colours (which you can tint using the bar below). Clicking the buttons at the bottom will take you to TSG’s various social networks where you can stay up to date on updates, fixes and new releases.

The makeups are all really cute and there are many colours and styles to choose from so you can go from sweet angel-face to gothic rocker at the click of a button. And the expressions are so much fun to play around with, and offer more variety and quality than the SL defaults.

Click to zoom

If you happen to detach your HUD, you have to take off the head and wear it again in order for it in sync again. Which might become a little tedious if you’re in a laggy area and want to remove the HUD, but then decide you want to change your facial expression to wink at the cutie across the sim. But it takes not even 2 seconds to sync so it’s not that big of a deal.

When you wear the HUD, it’s kind of small. So small in fact I couldn’t read the text underneath each expression/makeup. And, as far as I know, there’s no way to resize it as of yet. In order to get the closeups for the HUD above, I had to rez it on the ground and zoom in.

Compatibility with mesh bodies

Tsu was designed to be worn with the default SL body in mind, but I know some of you have been converted to the mesh body side and might want to wear it with say the Wowmeh, Slink Physique or The Shops.

Because the Tsu head is rigged mesh and not fitted mesh, you might have some issues with seams around mesh body parts, so I’ve taken a few pictures to show you how each of them fit.

Of course it’s going to be difficult to get it to match The Shops body anyway, since they only work with The Shops skins. The Wowmeh Silhouette does have a little pokey-outie bit at the back but you can’t see it if you’re wearing longer hair, and the Slink Physique fits almost perfectly if you hide the neck part on the alpha HUD.

You can purchase body appliers from the TSG mainstore!

Future plans

Eilfie has mentioned so far that she has plans to make a tattoo applier layer, so that you can add your own beauty marks and freckles to the head and make it totally unique to you. And also the fantasy tones will be coming very soon (at the moment, only 7 natural tones are available).

She has also mentioned on her blog that she will be creating different styles of mesh heads too!

I don’t have any official confirmation on the rest but maybe in future it will be fitted so that it fits mesh bodies better?


Overall, I think for a mesh head, I’m pretty impressed. Usually I would avoid mesh heads because I’m quite fond of my avatar’s face shape, but actually, Tsu is too adorable to pass up. I might not wear her constantly but I will for sure crack her out again for posts. And the fact that there are plans to make it more unique and customisable to each person (something that mesh heads on the market severely lack) is fantastic news.

Really, the only issue that’s problematic (for me) is the size of the HUD.

Eilfie is very good at listening to feedback and suggestions so I’m excited to see what other future plans there will be.

You can purchase it for 3000L$ or try on a Demo for free at The Sugar Garden Mainstore

Thank you to Eilfie for providing the head for the purpose of this review!



Part of the game

Part of the game

Skin: Lara Hurley – Fae (Uber)
Hair: Little bones – Two weeks 1 (TCF)
Bodysuit: Diram – Adriana (On Sale)
Shoes: Pure Poison – Golden queen sandals (A6D)
Chair: Gudu – Aria chair
Crown: ISON – Royal crown

Yesterday I told you guys about new event on the grid, Uber. Well today I’m gonna tell you about After6Days! It’s another brand new event and features a lot of amazing designers like Tableau Vivant, Pure Poison, Le Primitif, David Heather and more! The theme for this round is Chess so if you love your checked-patterns and chess-piece accessories then you should definitely come pay a visit. It’s founded by talented SL and RL fashion designer Joy LaPerriere of .Shi!

Part of the game (Zoom)

Earring: Modern couture – Adrian earring (A6D)
Bracelet: Eudora – Karnamak bracelets (A6D)
Ring: Le Primitif – Alloy spiked ring (A6D)
Cigarette: Mes petites coutures – Audrey Cigarette

Also, Diram is having a 50% off sale on all mesh clothing. I don’t know how long this sale will last but you’d better head over right away and grab some amazing, high quality items at discounted prices!



Rabbit Heart

Rabbit Heart

Skin: Glam affair – Brandi
Hair: Catwa – Sandy
Flower crown: Liquence – Flower crown
Dress: Zenith – Denim lace dress
Bag: Zenith – Leather handbag (The Arcade)
Masks: ANE – Day creature (TCF)
Shoes: Maniac Quintessa – Yesenia pumps (Gypset market)

So while I was catching up on my social networks yesterday, I saw someone had shared a photo of these amazingly beautiful shoes. I fell in love instantly and ran off to the Gypset market to get them! They’re by a store that is totally new to me called Maniac Quintessa! I just loved the suede texture and pretty lace sock, I couldn’t resist! I’m not sure how long they will be available at the market, or if they’ll even come to the mainstore afterwards so better grab them quickly!

Also, a new round of The Chapter Four is under way and ANE has made this cool masks for you all! There are 4 Rabbit ones to choose from and 4 ‘night creature’ ones too (I want to say they look like bats but I could be wrong haha) in a few colours. These are in the under 100L$ room so definitely go pick up this amazing bargain while you can!





Body: Coco – Doll body
Dress: Moon Amore – Primavera dress (FFAP)
Shoes: Violent Seduction – Gyaru heels
Pose: Posesion – Libra (Coming soon @Kustom9)
Balloons: C’est la vie – Oops! Balloon (TCF)

I have a bunch of different things from a lot of different events to show you today so buckle up!

First off I want to talk about this pretty dress which is available at this round of Fit For a Princess. It’s by Moon Amore who is one of +[Nouveaux]+’s resident designers and it’s 100% original mesh! You can wear the dress with or without the optional flower arrangement around the top and both the flowers and the dress are colour change thanks to the handy-dandy HUD. I’m in love with the beautifully vivid colours and the pretty ruffles!

A new round of Kustom9 opens up on the 15th so here’s a little sneaky peek at some of the things you can get! The jar I’m posing in is actually a cute little home decor item from Keke. It was mod so I thought I’d blow it up and pose with handsome Mr Rabbit here. Isn’t he fashionable? Also the cute wooden tables behind me are Sari-Sari’s for the event and they have all these cute books and candles on them, even a little picture frame where you can add your own photos!


Skin: Glam Affair – Brandi
Hair: Spellbound – Morrigan (FGC)
Headdress: Aisling – Pimflette elegance headdress
Jar & Rabbit: Keke – Summer Jar (coming soon @Kustom9)
Hat: LODE – Ooo (TCF)

Finally, it’s The Chapter Four‘s anniversary edition going on right now and all the designers have left out special presents for all who are in the TCF group! The group is free to join so I dressed Mr Rabbit up in this funny little hat from LODE and posing with the balloons by C’est la Vie, which just so happened to match the rest of my outfit!


Tables: Sari-sari – Wood slab table set (coming soon @Kustom9)

Teacups: Half deer – A Cup of spring

Planter: Half deer – Beary spring planter

Lantern: Mishmish – Candle lantern (Coming soon @The Garden)

String Lights: Floorplan – String lights

Bunny: Half deer – Oopsie daisy bunnypup

Chipmunk: Mishmish – Chipmunk with butterfly

Stump: Mishmish – Chipmunk’s house




Hair: Little bones – Limbs (100 block)
Top: Tee*fy – Julianna cropped top
Necklace: Yummy – Satin bow and pearls set
Skirt: Nylon Outfitters – Tutu set (C88)
Shoes: Fri.day – Ella (C88)
Pose: Sari-Sari – Groundsit (K9)
Hair: Truth – April (C88)
Top: Tee*fy – Sophie cut-out ruffle top (C88)
Jacket: COCO – Jacket over shoulders (Fameshed)
Necklace: Yummy – Silver rose pendant (C88)
Skirt: Tee*fy – Su pencil skirt (C88)
Shoes: ANE – Strappy heels (C88)
Pose: Imeka – Juice

Hey look! More Collabor88 goodies! This time I just have to talk about Tee*fy’s stuff this round because it’s adorable! The Sophie cut-out tops and Su skirts all go so perfectly together, you don’t even have to worry about which will match what. Plus I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw that the skirts were only 88L$ each. I paired them with ANE’s super pretty strappy heels (which I’ll probably be wearing more often because I adore them) and a little pendant from Yummy.

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