Voodoo Child

Voodoo child

Skin: Glam Affair – Coming soon
Hair & Hat: Tableau vivant – Barony (TFC)
Makeup: Nox – La Catrina (TFC)
Body: The Shops – Deluxe body
Necklace 1: Izzie’s – Blood vial necklace (TFC)
Necklace 2: Boom – Bonnwi Collier (TFC)
Dress: Faida – Baronne vendredi (TFC)
Vest & Belt: Enfant Terrible – Witches do it better (TFC)
Shoes: Noodles – Acacia sandals (TFC)
Voodoo doll: Hopscotch – Stick a needle in my eye (TFC)

A new round of The Fantasy Collective just started up and the theme is ‘Bayou’! So there’s lots of swampy, voodoo, witchdoctor goodness to be found.

We all know I’m a serial ‘re-purposer’. Because I like to have matching jewellery sets, any time I get a necklace, I just have to make copies and turn them into belts, bracelets, headdresses, anklets, even sometimes earrings! The ‘belt’ around my waist is actually a necklace by Enfant Terrible called ‘Witches do it better’ and it comes with a very nice vest to match too (you can just about see it peeking out from behind my luxurious Tableau Vivant locks!).


Location: The Isle


From the Deep

From the deep

Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis (C88)
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Destiny
Bodysuit: Femme fatale – Bimba bodysuit couture
Necklace: 22769 – What lies beneath (La Metallique)
Bracelet: 22769 – Fishscale bracelet (La Metallique)
Shoes: 22769 – Octopus heels (La Metallique)

L’acessoires has turned 2 years old! And to celebrate, the team have put together a fantastic event called the La Metallique fair. It runs until 9th September and is chock-full of fantastic designers, some you may have seen from L’accessoires rounds past! The theme for this event is, as you might guess, everything shiny and metallic! I’m featuring a few of the items 22769 has made for the event but there’s tons more to see too.




Tsu! The Sugar Garden’s new mesh head


Head: The sugar Garden – Tsu (New!)
Hair: Truth – Clover (New!)
Headband: Lagyo – Rebel headpiece
Top & Skirt: VN – Retro Pencil (District 5)
Harness: Violent seduction – floral harness
Cardigan: COCO - Open front cardigan
Stockings: Pantsu Hunter – Lace socks & Garter
Shoes: L.Warwick – Luscious platform heels
Bat wings: The Sugar garden – Batty wings
Dog: Birdy/Alchemy – Chi chi chihuahua (The chapter four)
Bag: Adore&Abhor – Coffin purse
Chair: Mishmish & Mien – Memories chair (Atelier Kreslo)

The Sugar Garden released a brand new mesh head the other day. Her name is Tsu and she’s been teased to us on Eilfie’s Flickr timeline for a few months now. But she’s finally here and she’s a real cutie! Usually I’m not one for mesh heads but I just had to show you how adorable this one is and take you through some of the features it has!

The Sugar Garden Mesh Head

All photos from here onwards are raw, and have not been edited in any way with the exception of cropping, resizing and adding text.

This product was given to me for review.

TSG’s mesh head is rigged mesh. It’s not fitted mesh but you can still change the size of the head using your shape sliders. And it fits all of the rigged mesh hair I’ve tried on it which is good news.

It’s static, which means it’s not animated (like blinking etc.) but you can easily change expressions using the HUD. And you can also wear your own default/mesh/prim eyes with it.

It’s currently being sold for 3000L$ and includes all of the following;

What’s in the box!

When you purchase your pretty little head, you get the following included in the package;

.tsg. Mesh Head Alpha

.tsg. Mesh Head Instructional Notecard

.tsg. Tsu skin (In the tone to match your head. Bust, no bust, toned and soft-body versions included)

.tsg. Tsu Mesh Head

.tsg. Tsu Mesh Head HUD

I will say right off the bat that I love how the skin is included. Many mesh heads nowadays require purchasing the skins or appliers separately, which can often lead to complaints of people accidentally buying the wrong skin that won’t match their attachments (I won’t lie, I’ve done that before). But not this one!


The Hud is very self-explanatory as far as ease-of-use goes. Just wear it and click the logo to get started, then you can choose from makeups, hairbase and eyebrow colours and expressions. There are 16 makeups to choose from, 15 facial expressions and 32 preset hair colours (which you can tint using the bar below). Clicking the buttons at the bottom will take you to TSG’s various social networks where you can stay up to date on updates, fixes and new releases.

The makeups are all really cute and there are many colours and styles to choose from so you can go from sweet angel-face to gothic rocker at the click of a button. And the expressions are so much fun to play around with, and offer more variety and quality than the SL defaults.

Click to zoom

If you happen to detach your HUD, you have to take off the head and wear it again in order for it in sync again. Which might become a little tedious if you’re in a laggy area and want to remove the HUD, but then decide you want to change your facial expression to wink at the cutie across the sim. But it takes not even 2 seconds to sync so it’s not that big of a deal.

When you wear the HUD, it’s kind of small. So small in fact I couldn’t read the text underneath each expression/makeup. And, as far as I know, there’s no way to resize it as of yet. In order to get the closeups for the HUD above, I had to rez it on the ground and zoom in.

Compatibility with mesh bodies

Tsu was designed to be worn with the default SL body in mind, but I know some of you have been converted to the mesh body side and might want to wear it with say the Wowmeh, Slink Physique or The Shops.

Because the Tsu head is rigged mesh and not fitted mesh, you might have some issues with seams around mesh body parts, so I’ve taken a few pictures to show you how each of them fit.

Of course it’s going to be difficult to get it to match The Shops body anyway, since they only work with The Shops skins. The Wowmeh Silhouette does have a little pokey-outie bit at the back but you can’t see it if you’re wearing longer hair, and the Slink Physique fits almost perfectly if you hide the neck part on the alpha HUD.

You can purchase body appliers from the TSG mainstore!

Future plans

Eilfie has mentioned so far that she has plans to make a tattoo applier layer, so that you can add your own beauty marks and freckles to the head and make it totally unique to you. And also the fantasy tones will be coming very soon (at the moment, only 7 natural tones are available).

She has also mentioned on her blog that she will be creating different styles of mesh heads too!

I don’t have any official confirmation on the rest but maybe in future it will be fitted so that it fits mesh bodies better?


Overall, I think for a mesh head, I’m pretty impressed. Usually I would avoid mesh heads because I’m quite fond of my avatar’s face shape, but actually, Tsu is too adorable to pass up. I might not wear her constantly but I will for sure crack her out again for posts. And the fact that there are plans to make it more unique and customisable to each person (something that mesh heads on the market severely lack) is fantastic news.

Really, the only issue that’s problematic (for me) is the size of the HUD.

Eilfie is very good at listening to feedback and suggestions so I’m excited to see what other future plans there will be.

You can purchase it for 3000L$ or try on a Demo for free at The Sugar Garden Mainstore

Thank you to Eilfie for providing the head for the purpose of this review!



Railroad lovers

Railroad lovers

On Jay – Credits
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis (C88)
Hair: Elikatira – Arabella
Shirt: Erratic – Amber tie-up shirt
Skirt: Coquet – County Rd 44 skirt
Shoes: Fri.day – Kokomo sandals
Pose: Made by me, not for sale

This is a special little post today because I have my friend Jay Murs joining me! He’s a great guy and a fantastic men’s blogger and photographer so you should definitely check him out!

I’ll be showing you what I’m wearing today, but if you want to see Jay’s credits (and some of the decor credits too), take a look at his blog!

Thank you Jay for posing with me!


Suitcases: Floorplan – Suitcase stack

Bike: Vespertine – Dreamers vehicle (Gacha)

Leaves: Kalopsia – Flying leaves

Fence: 8f8 – Our secret hideout meadow fence (Gacha)


On Olympus

On Olympus

Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis (C88)
Hair: Tableau vivant – Persephone (C88)
Headdress: Glam Affair – Victorious headdress (C88)
Wings: Half deer – Empyrean head wings (C88)
Necklace: Cae – Odyssey (C88)
Dress: Fashionably dead - Elysian fields (C88)
Shoes: Pure poison – Gold goddess sandals (C88)
Arm band: Lost Junction - Tokiwa’s treasures (We<3RP)
Ring: Lagyo – Metis ring (C88)
Nose ring: Lagyo – Metis septum ring (C88)

Hey! Guess what! There’s a new round of Collabor88 on! But it’s not just any old round of C88. It’s the 3rd Anniversary round! Take a step back in time and into Greek Mythology with tons of designers! Guest designers who have delighted us from previous rounds have returned and are joined by some new faces and of course the regulars are still there too!

Collabor88 is a very popular event, but it does last until the 7th September. So even if you can’t get into the sim now, you can always go another day!


Chair: 8f8 – Blossom throne (C88)

Curtains: BBQQ – Curtains A

Butterflies: Enfant Terrible – Moonchild (Fantasy gacha carnival)

Gazebo: DDD – Garden Pavillion (C88)


Part of the game

Part of the game

Skin: Lara Hurley – Fae (Uber)
Hair: Little bones - Two weeks 1 (TCF)
Bodysuit: Diram – Adriana (On Sale)
Shoes: Pure Poison – Golden queen sandals (A6D)
Chair: Gudu – Aria chair
Crown: ISON – Royal crown

Yesterday I told you guys about new event on the grid, Uber. Well today I’m gonna tell you about After6Days! It’s another brand new event and features a lot of amazing designers like Tableau Vivant, Pure Poison, Le Primitif, David Heather and more! The theme for this round is Chess so if you love your checked-patterns and chess-piece accessories then you should definitely come pay a visit. It’s founded by talented SL and RL fashion designer Joy LaPerriere of .Shi!

Part of the game (Zoom)

Earring: Modern couture – Adrian earring (A6D)
Bracelet: Eudora – Karnamak bracelets (A6D)
Ring: Le Primitif - Alloy spiked ring (A6D)
Cigarette: Mes petites coutures – Audrey Cigarette

Also, Diram is having a 50% off sale on all mesh clothing. I don’t know how long this sale will last but you’d better head over right away and grab some amazing, high quality items at discounted prices!





Skin: Lara Hurley – Fae (Uber)
Hair: Truth – Malibu (Uber)
Shirt: Mishmish – Shiba tank
Shorts: Erratic – Lena shorts (Uber)
Shoes: JD – Oakley (Uber)
Bag: ISON – Maleese bag (Uber)
Pose: Bang – Sits 010-014

There’s a new event in town! It’s called ‘Uber‘ and it’s run by Truth Hawks (of Truth Hair!) and Kaelyn Alecto (the fabulous photographer!). It’s a themed event, with the inaugural round being Vacations! It might be August now but we still got at least a month of sunshine left before the cold starts setting in.

The sheer quality and quantity of designers taking part is astounding and everything from skins, hairs and clothes to buildings and furniture can be found here!


Build: Milk Motion – Beach Shack

Bench: Art Dummy – On the coast outdoor daybed (Uber)

Cooler: Soy – Cooler box

Jar: Sway – Souvenir Jar (Uber)

Shelf: Soy – Vintage wire shelf

Towel hook: Floorplan – Oar towel rack

Radio: Miseria – Summer radio