The Bay

The Bay

Hair: Olive – The Song (Kustom9)
Eyepatch: Violent Seduction – Rozen Eyepatch (Kustom9)
Vest: Pixicat – Crew Vest
Epaulets: Gizza – Epaulets V2
Lingerie: Violent Seduction – Chou Corset (Kawaii Project)
Boots: Baiastice – Helsinki boots

The Bay is a new adult-themed sim but together by Conserve Landscaping and CerberusXing. It is based loosely on pirate coves and features many picturesque outdoor locations and even some hidden surprises. Those who join The Bay’s VIP group will gain access to the VIP only ‘Pirate dungeon’ where many events will be held in the future. For this week only, it’s free to join the VIP group but afterwards the fee will go back up to 350L$, so join quickly and save yourself some cash!

Skin: Glam Affair – Lauren (C88)
Hair: Truth – Sian


Location: The Bay

Crime of passion

Crime of passion

Hair: Little Bones – Transmute (Fameshed)
Lingerie: Erratic – Giselle (Uber)
Corset: Erratic – Alexis (Uber)
Necklace: Lagyo – Hamsa (Fameshed)
Garter: Boom – Noony garters
Shoes: Femme Fatale – Bollywood Stiletto 

Skin: Glam Affair – Lauren (Uber)
Hair: Truth – Bijou

Chair: Sway’s – Tied up chair (Uber)

Bar: N4RS – Midnight bar (Uber)

Sofa: Aria – Blair living mini set (Uber)

Shelf: Erratic – CoC (Gacha)

Vase: Kalopsia – Dear mr grey




Skin: Glam Affair - Lindsey
Hair: BooN – AIA 466 (78L$ Until Oct 31st!)
Dress, Hat + Necklace: Tentacio – Clara Witch (TAG)
Garter: The Horror – Dolly Garters
Boots: TSG – Gyaru boots

Halloween is this friday! If you haven’t gotten your party costumes ready then maybe TAG can help you? TAG gacha is a new event going on right now, I can only describe it as a super-fun interactive gacha event! You visit each location and tick off a box on your HUD, maybe play a gacha or two for a chance at winning some mystery prizes! I just love this cute witch costume from Tentacio which I managed to snag~ And also these mischievous little ghosties are from Alchemy at the event too!

Also, I don’t usually mention sales or gifts on this blog anymore but I just have to tell you about the Flash Sale that’s going on at BooN hair right now. All colour fatpacks are only 78L$ until October 31st so you’d better be quick!


Build: Alchemy – Spooky house

Cauldron: Half Deer – Cauldron of the stars

Pumpkin: Half deer – painted pumpkin

Bubbles: HPMD – Bubble chair

Pitchfork: Katatonik – Bitchfork (TAG)

Stools + Curtain: Anc – Cirque de reverie (TAG)

Ghosts: Alchemy – Trick & Treats pals (TAG)


Wrap it up

Wrap it up

Skin: Glam Affair – Penny (TSS)
Hair: Analog Dog – Joan
Hairsticks: CX – Autumn blooms
Lingerie: Dead Dollz - DeLACEous 
Ropes: Haste – Kinbaku Rope harness
Arms + Ankles: Soedara – Bitch in ropes
Shoes: CX – Grungy Geta (TSS)

We’re going a little eastern today because I felt like Dead Dollz‘s new lingerie would make a perfect base for it! This lingerie was featured in the latest issue of Ferosh (which I was also a part of by the way!) and guess what? It’s Mesh project appliers!

When it comes to lingerie appliers for TMP body, they’re either stupidly blurry/misaligned or ridiculously expensive. But these appliers by Dead Dollz are well worth the money. Kiddo had made a few different designs for these and I’ve never seen lace look so crisp and clear in SL ever!

Thanks to Honshu for letting me borrow his legs~


Bonsai: CX – Autumn Bonsai

Table, Cushion + Mirror: Anc. – Japaneseroomdeco.

Box: Soul mates – Emakimono Yokubo (Gacha)


Caramel coloured evenings

Caramel coloured evenings

On Honshu
Sweater: Gabriel – High neck sweater (TSS)
Scarf: Snips & Snails – Soopascarf (TSS)
On Xanthe
Skin: Glam Affair – Penny (TSS)
Hair: Little bones – Hurt (coming soon @Kustom9)
Shirt: Kitja cherie – Eve shirt (coming soon @Kustom9)
Vest: Drift – Ygritte fur vest (MRF)
Camera: Attic – Elfman vintage camera (Coming soon @Kustom9)
Jeans: Spirit store – Kusa skinny jeans (Coming soon @Kustom9)
Shoes: Ieqed – Scarlett wedge
Watch: David Heather – Void watch (TSS)
Bangles: Ariskea – Adriana (Coming soon @Kustom9)
Rings: BCC & Due – Freya vintage flower rings (TSS)
Necklace: Ieqed – Five pearl necklace

You have no idea how hard I’m craving toffee apples just looking at this photo. The entire time I was setting up the shot my mouth was watering. There are a couple of events where you can satisfy your hunger for caramel treats and that’s Kustom9 (which opens on the 15th) and The Seasons’ story (which is open now!).

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Myst (MRF)

Someone who looks especially sweet is Penny! I showed you in my last post Penny’s magical variation at The Mystic Faire but she’s also at The Seasons’ story in a variety of warm and cosy makeups, perfect for autumn!

Thanks to Honshu (again) for posing with me (again!) :D


Skybox: Vespertine – Chanson D’automne skyloft

Table, Wall frames, Easel, Paint pots: Haikei – My vintage art studio (coming soon @Kustom9)

Sign: Con. - Autumn letters (TSS)

Leaf Frames: Con. – Framed leaves (TSS)

Plant: Heart Homes – Hanukkah (TSS)

Rug: Heart homes – Fall into bliss (TSS)

Step ladder: Keke – Still falling step (TSS)

Fireplace: Floorplan – Slat fireplace (TSS)

Deer art: Silent sparrow – Leaf hart (TSS)

Kettle: Soy – Kettle (TSS)

Candy apples: Poche – Apple of the forest (TSS)

Apples + Drinks: Poche – Apple on the ice-cream (TSS)

Floor apples: Sari-Sari – Apples (Coming soon @Kustom9)

Lantern: Floorplan – Railroad lantern (C88)

Crates: Floorplan – Apple crate stack seat (TSS)

Bag: David Heather – Bark bag (TSS)

Light: Keke – Still falling bulb (TSS)

No Vacancy

No Vacancy

Skin: Glam Affair – Sia (C88)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Hallie & Mimi (C88)
Dress: The Secret Store – Anita empire dress (C88)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Sister catrina muertos (C88)
Stockings: Okkbye – Scallop socks (TSS)
Shoes: – Lily (The Gathering)
Ring: Lagyo – Mahalia (C88)
Skin: Glam Affair – Penny (MRF)
Hair: Olive – The Autumn (TSS)
Dress: Tee*fy – Sonia (C88)
Cigarette: Lagyo – Mahalia (C88)

On a dark and stormy night, on the 8th of October to be exact, a haunted SL event opened its doors to claim the wallets of those who dared to enter. Each month, disguising itself as something new. This time? A haunted hotel.

Hair: Truth – Aviva

Yeahh… So I’m not much of a storyteller, but Collabor88 is open again and the theme is scary, spoopy, haunted hotel and there are some amazing things you can grab which are just perfect for Halloween!

Skins are difficult to find at this time of year. They’re all either in shades of zombie/frankenstein green or dripping with blood makeup. But Glam Affair has release Sia for C88 in 8 eerily gorgeous makeups so you can still scare with style this season.

Hair: Truth – Olinda (MRF)
Collar: Cae – Triskele (Romp)

Okay so maybe you don’t want to be something spooky this year, maybe you’d rather dress up as something a little more magical! Well the Mystic Realms Faire has your back on this one. Ideal for role-players or people who just like to play dress-up every now and again, you can find all manner of fantastical fashions there. So I should introduce you to Penny then! Penny is making her debut at several events this month, including The Seasons’ Story (but that’s for another time). The MRF edition has 6 super adorable and colourful makeups for you to express your inner…sorceress? Fairy?


Butterflies: Half deer – Butterfleyes (C88)

Counter & Shelves: Second Spaces – Check out at 11 (C88)

Key rack: Pilot – Motel key rack (C88)

Trolley: Intrigue co. – Luggage cart (C88)

Suitcases: DRD – Suitcases (C88)