Build: Alouette – The Princess’ tower (FFAP)
Roses: World’s end garden – Climbing rose
Cage: Monaya G – Bird cage
Ducks: Mishmish – A cute duck (The home show)
Book: Pixicat – Spellbook (we<3RP)
Pose: Elephante poses – Let it go (FFAP)

Here’s a closer look at some more of the stuff you can get from the Fit For a Princess event! I briefly went over some items a few days ago but there’s just so much awesome stuff that I just had to centre a whole post around it!

This gorgeous gown is just perfect for any princessy outfit! The Principessa gown is by Junbug and it comes in a bunch of colours like pink and lavender and black too. I paired it with the purity jewellery from Krystal which has colour change options in the gemstones of the necklace, earrings and tiara so I was able to match them with the mint in the dress. The build is also at the event believe it or not, from Alouette, and it’s just perfect for fantasy sims or even a fun kids’ bedroom!


Skin: Glam affair – Brandi (Cutie moon)
Hair: Argrace – Haruka 
Dress: Junbug – Principessa (FFAP)
Jewelry: Krystal – Purity complete set (FFAP)
Pose: Lalochezia poses – Royal (FFAP)

Another event you guys should check out is We ❤ RP which opened it’s doors yesterday! I’m so excited this round because I talk about +[Nouveaux]+ sometimes on this blog and the great designers that share a home with us. Well Pixicat is taking part! Pixicat is one of the new designers that have a store at Nouv and we’re so proud of her because she’s being invited to take part in all these super events! She’s really outdone herself too by making some beautifully decorated spell books in various designs  as well as these awesome flying pages which I just love! Pixicat is one to watch so keep an ear out in the next few days for all the cool events she’s taking part in!



Would you kindly…

Would you kindly...

Dress: Dead Dollz – Vita Chamber (Opium evolution)
Shoes: Fri.day – Diana (C88)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Knotted shimmer pearls
Chair: Apple Fall – Chrysler armchair
Cage 1: Zenith – Decorative Asia birdcage
Cage 2: Monaya G – Birdcage
Back panels: Apple Fall – Rene wall art

Opium Evolution Fashion Agency is holding a Great Gatsby event! The event features 3 fashion shows on separate days (the next show is 30th at 12pm SLT) showcasing exclusive creations from 18 amazing designers, all centered around the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20’s! This stunningly beautiful dress is called ‘Vita-Chamber’ (+5 points if you can guess the reference!) and it’s one of three exclusives from Dead Dollz for the event. The other two dresses are just as beautiful of course with ‘Rapture Rise’ featuring a really pretty silver design and cut-out back and ‘Little Sister’ something a little bit sexier with short black and pink lace! So head over to Opium Evolution and grab yourself some pretties and enjoy a good show!

Would you kindly...

Skin: Glam affair – Romy (Skin fair)
Hair: Exile – Dream of Paraside
Earrings: Yummy – Satin bow and pearls set
Jewelry: Lazuri – Classic pearls
Chandelier: Olive – Forget me not bedroom (Gacha)
Hanging cage: 8f8 – Bird cage
Curtains: Kaotic distortion – Falling curtain

This week is the final week for some events this month such as The Arcade and The Skin fair so if you want to get your last-minute shopping in, best do it now! But next week we’ll be seeing more events opening up such as the Cutie Moon fair and Fit for a Princess, so watch this space because I’ll be covering both for you!

Thank you to my friend Zee for helping supply a few of the props and furnishings, I don’t know what I’d do without my Home and Garden goddess! If you have a flair for interior design or if you’re addicted to Trompe Loeil then you should definitely check her out. She also covers fashion occasionally too so a little bit of everything! She’s also incredibly funny and a fantastic writer ❤



Bloom + Cloning yourself tutorial


Skin: Glam affair – Romy (Skin Fair)
Dress: Dead Dollz – Hasu (SAVIAD)
Necklace: Cae – Satine (Serafilms)
Eyeshadow: Zibska – Phine eyeshadow (Skin fair)
Lipstick: Buzzeri – Sweetheart lips (Skin fair)

Hooray! The SAVIAD Spring fair is open! If you like Haute Couture and florals then definitely check it out because it features a lot of SL’s incredible designers from Solidea Folies and Pure Poison to Les petites details and Dead Dollz. Speaking of Dead Dollz, these two gorgeously pastel dresses are available for the duration of the fair and are just perfect for your spring-time formal dos. Dead Dollz also has a super cute ‘hatrella’ (It’s an umbrella shaped like a hat!) gacha to match each dress, so you can step out without worrying about messing up your hair to those dastardly April showers!

I also thought this would be a great opportunity to show off some of the cosmetics you can grab from the skin fair (if you haven’t already spent all your money on skins right?). The blue eyeshadow on the left is Zibska’s Phine eyeshadow. You get all the colours you could ever want in the pack with Zibska cosmetics so you won’t be fumbling around in your inventory for an alternative because you forgot to buy a pink shade! The blue lipstick is Buzzeri’s Sweetheart lips in Oceana. With this pack, you get your chosen colour in multiple shades which will go with any skintone! The blush and shadow on the right is Zibska’s Luce blush and Enji eyeshadow and last but not least, the very diva-esque lipstick is from Nox and is, in fact, aptly named ‘drama lips’. Needless to say they do look very dramatic with the gold cupid’s bow!


Hair: Tableau vivant – Snow queen
Eyeshadow: Zibska – Enji eyeshadow (Skin fair)
Blush: Zibska – Luce blush (Skin fair)
Lipstick: Nox – Drama lips (Skin fair)
Necklace: Cae – Perula (TLC)
Dress: Dead Dollz – Sakura (SAVIAD)

We also have two new releases from Cae here! On the left we have ‘Satine’ which is available at this round of Serafilms (kinda like the seraphim social except films instead of books!) and on the right we have Perula which is available at The Liaison Collaborative! Each set has matching earrings you can buy separately or with the necklace and all come with Cae’s signature colour-change HUD!

I reached another follower milestone the other day so that means it’s time for another tutorial! This time I’ll be going over the much-requested, ‘cloning’ your avatar! Thank you all for your undying support, I know I say this a lot but it really means so much to me!


Location: Paradiso

Cloning your Avatar

So the aim of this tutorial is to create an image where it appears to have two or more people in it without having to call a friend over or boot up an alt account. It’s great for those of you who don’t have a lot of time but want to show off a couple outfits in a creative way or if you’re like me, you have a really rubbish laptop that can barely handle two avatars in a room! Yes you could probably save time by taking the second photo on a green screen, but this might not always be practical especially if you have crazy camera-angles and shadows that cast through the environment.

Do you speak Portuguese? This tutorial was translated by Antonietta Canucci!

Step 1 – Preparation

So to start off with, make sure you’ve saved an outfit for each look you want to be present in the photo, that way you can just replace the outfit, move a bit and snap another shot. You’ll also need to purchase Eve N Better’s Camera Assistant HUD this is an absolute necessity if you’re going to be taking photos in an area where you can’t rezz pose balls/pose stands (don’t worry, it’s only 10L$). This HUD will allow you to lock your camera in place so that you can move around and it won’t follow your avatar!

Step 2 – Say cheese!

You’ve found where you want to take your photo, you’ve made your outfits and you have your camera lock HUD on! Now lets take some photos! Of course this requires a lot of forward-thinking such as how you can frame it to fit two avatars, which parts will be overlapping or behind the second avatar and so on.

So once you have your first shot, lock your camera, change outfits and then move over to the position you want the second avatar to be at (it helps if you look for reference points). For example, I wanted the second avatar to hide that weird diamond poseball in the middle but also because it was nice and close to the first avatar. You want the only thing to change in this image is the position of the avatar and not the scene, others it’ll look messy when you stick them together and you’ll make more work for yourself (like I unfortunately did, oops!).

Step 3 – Cut and paste!

Once you have both of your images, it’s time to stick them together! Open up your favourite photo editing program, I’ll be using Photoshop CC for this tutorial but any program which will allow you to utilise layers will work too. Copy and paste the first image on top of the second image and lower the opacity of the top layer so that you can easily line them up. Don’t worry if you mess up the environment a little bit like I did, it’s still salvageable provided the images aren’t too far apart, but obviously you’ll have an easier time if your images are exactly the same.

Then just use the Square marquee tool to chop off the useless edges on the top image. Once you’ve done that you can start going in with the eraser tool and cutting out finer details such as where the avatars will overlap etc.

When that’s all done with, you should have one image where it appears there are two avatars present! Now you can just go on with your regular editing routine or leave it as-is if you like your raw shots!

Alternative Method

This method doesn’t require you to purchase the Camera Lock HUD but it does require land you can rezz on. Rez as many pose balls or stands for how many avatars you want present, take a seat and then focus your camera on something in the background, do not focus your camera on your avatar or your camera will follow you when you stand. As long as you keep the camera focused on the background and you don’t touch the movement keys, you can stand up and sit on the next pose stand without disturbing the camera!

So whichever method works for you, I hope you can try it out and create some cool images with lots of avatars!

Here are a couple examples to inspire you! This one I did with 4 avatars using the pose ball method. This one is two avatars using the camera lock method (see what I mean when I said if you did this on a greenscreen you’d be sacrificing shadows?).

For Firestorm users

Hey Firestorm users! Did you know you can ‘save’ your camera position? My good friend Monroe Jigsaw on Plurk pointed out that if you press ctl + alt + C in Firestorm viewer, it will bring up the Cameratools window. Set up your angles and then press the button that looks like an eye with an arrow pointing down. This will save your current camera position so that when you press the button next to it (the eye with the arrow pointing up) it will restore the angle and position you camera was at when you pressed it.

This is good if you’re like me and you crash between taking photos because it will still remember the angle even after you log back in after a crash! Helpful little tip huh?



On Ciel
See here
On Xanthe
Dress: Mutresse – Stilna dress (FaMeshed)
Shoes: Pure Poison – Alexandra heels (New!)
Pose: Del May – Hotness

I grabbed gorgeous Miss Cieleste Magic for a post today to show off Mutresse’s new release for this round of FaMeshed. No, we’re not both wearing different dresses, they’re exactly the same dress! The Stilna dress comes with a fantastic colour change HUD which allows you to change every aspect of the dress. Every single one of the tailored panels on this piece can be changed to one of 11 colours via the HUD, making it a capsule wardrobe-lover’s dream and my new favourite dress!

Also at FaMeshed is my pretty ruffly collar from Glam Affair (I wasn’t kidding when I said this dress could match anything, was I?) and it’s available to purchase in a bunch of essential colours to give your neckline some zing! Wear it with a plain tank top to instantly spice it up with a little touch of flashy elegance.

flickrie . 30 with Xanthe

Photo by Cieleste Magic
Skin: Glam Affair – Aria (Arcade)
Hair: Tram – A817 hair
Necklace: Pure Poison – Teo diamonds necklace (Group gift)
Collar: Glam Affair – Embellished ruffle collar (FaMeshed)

My shoes are a new release from Pure Poison over at their mainstore. You’ll need to own the Slink high feet to be able to wear them but everyone should own a pair of black strappy shoes! I should also mention that the 500L$ store credit offer is now no longer available, but the group is still free to join so you can of course pick up all the current and past gifts while you’re there.

If you’d like to know what Ciel is wearing on the right, check out her post about it here!

Thank you Ciel for posing with me, dealing with my random crashes and for looking so fabulous!


Location: ISON



Dress: Dead Dollz – February VIP group gift (Group gift)
Pose: Glitterburps – Xanthe (Custom, not for sale)
Shoes: Gos – Carrie Pumps

Hi girls! Okay so I know blogging over here has been a bit sporadic lately, but I can explain I swear! I normally get the majority of my blog photos done at the weekends but since February is home to so many birthdays in my family, I just haven’t had the time to blog between travelling up and down the country to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to everyone! They’re all out of the way now though so I’ll be able to get back to dishing out regular content again.

We’ve missed out on a little bit though! This gorgeous lace gown is the new VIP group gift from Dead Dollz. I just love the sexy slit down the leg and beautiful satin-like textures. The VIP group isn’t free to join but it’s well worth forking out the fee because Dead Dollz makes some very high quality items from formal gowns to casual dresses and even sexy lingerie! Plus you get a percentage of store credit with every purchase and a new gift every month. If that doesn’t tempt you, I don’t know what will!


Skin: Glam affair – Sylvia (C88)
Hair: Faenzo – Uffie (1L$)
Jewelry: Zibska – Ambrosia Deux (50L$)

Zibska, the couture jewellery brand we all know and love, is having a spring clear out of some of their old stock. Everything on the blue shelves over at the mainstore is only 50L$! That’s everything from men’s, unisex and women’s jewellery, clothes and even makeup. Needless to say, you’d be making a huge saving since regular Zib items usually hover around the 200L$ – 300L$ mark. Each makeup pack includes all the colours, and each jewellery set usually includes multiple pieces (ie. necklaces + earrings & bracelets) and a colour change HUD with a myriad of options! With that amount of variety and versatility, 300L$ doesn’t sound like a bad price, but for only 50L$? You can’t go wrong!

I also have to say a big thank you to Gwin for custom making the pose in the top photo for me! She’s very talented and awesome at making useful poses which are just perfect for bloggers wanting to show off certain items! Check out her store and show her some love okay?



Money on my mind

Money on my mind

Dress: Paperbag – Naomi dress (Kustom9)
Shoes: Mango Cheeks – Brooke heels (Kustom9)
Briefcase: Oyasumi – Cash register (Kustom9 )
Cash register: Oyasumi – Money case (Kustom9)

I’m feeling very sassy today in these great new releases from Kustom9, but before I go into detail I’d like to show you this gorgeous new skin from Egozy! Mendoza is an incredibly realistic looking skin which comes in a huge variety of options as well as all the essential appliers, eyebrows, hair bases, cleavage options, beauty mark hiders, bright or soft versions of the skin and mesh ears for the skin tone you purchase! Egozy has been around for a while however they’ve only just re-opened to start anew and they certainly are not disappointing. Try on a demo and see for yourself, I was completely blown away by the realism!

Money on my mind

Skin: Egozy – Mendoza (New!)
Hair: Truth – Caprice
Jewelry: Modern Couture – Valiry set (Kustom9)
Necklace: ISON – Nova Tribe necklace (C88)

I decided for this new round of Kustom9, I’d go for a mafia boss/diva look because of Oyasumi’s cash register and money briefcase! Of course no diva is complete without her gold jewelry, so I decided to pair Paperbag’s very sexy cut-out dress (which comes with both silver and gold belts!) with Modern couture’s extravagant-looking earrings, bracelet and ring set! And to top it all off, I’m wearing Mango Cheeks’ killer heels which first showed their pretty little faces over at Enchantment at the start of the month. They’re available to purchase in a bunch of colours including both pastels and darker colours so they’ll look perfect whether you’re going for sultry seductress or sugary sweetie-pie!


Will you be my Valentine?

Will you be my Valentine?

Left to Right
Lingerie: Dead Dollz – Notorious (KV Dream)

Lingerie: Dead Dollz – Marnie (KV dream)

Gown: Dead Dollz – Tainted love (KV dream)

Lingerie: Dead Dollz – The lady vanishes (KV dream)

Floor Petals: Stunned – Rose petals 3D (10L$)
Holdable rose: Cherished moments – Valentines day rose (Free)

Valentine’s day is slowly looming in. The prices of roses and chocolates have skyrocketed and the clothing stores are packed with ladies searching for that special outfit for a  romantic dinner and the night to follow. It’s a good thing Dead Dollz has just released a bunch of pretty lingerie for you then! There’s something to suit any taste from classy to innocent to the downright saucy. The ‘Marnie’ lingerie set features a very cutesy and pretty pink ruffled babydoll dress, the ‘Notorious’ set includes a sexy belted red and black corset and stockings with appliers for slink feet, as does the ‘The lady vanishes’ set which comes with a flirty top for a beautifully simplistic look!

But that’s not all, check out the jaw-dropper of a gown! Rigged mesh with optional roses for the top and hip, this stunning gown is bound to get hearts racing at any event you visit! All these new releases will be available to purchase from the KV Dream fashion Agency sim for the duration of their Valentine’s event (1st-16th Feb). The best part? They’re all discounted and exclusive so get them while they’re hot! The KV Dream Valentine’s event is also having a grid-wide hunt. Visit the stall at the KV sim for one half of the prize and the designer’s mainstore for the other to create one whole item. Check out what’s up for grabs here. And to top it all off, there’s going to be a fashion show at 1pm SLT on February 12th. I actually went to the last KV show which was the Wonka-themed one and I was in awe. They always do a fabulous job creating the runway and the models were gorgeous as always, a KV show is definitely a sight to behold!

Left to right
Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Hair: Lelutka – Kate

Skin: Birdy – Red (Enchantment)
Hair: Chemistry – Harlow

Skin: Birdy – Savannah 
Hair: Truth – Mina

Skin: Atomic – Muse (New!)
Hair: Lelutka – Neu
Jewelry: Cae – Elusive (Fameshed)

I’m modelling a bunch of new skins for you here because not only is Birdy taking part in a lot of events, but also Atomic skins are back on the scene and have a brand spankin’ new release out already! The Muse skin by Atomic comes in skin tones to suit anyone’s tastes, various brow options, mono-lid and double -lid options which I’d never seen before! And every tone includes a loud mouth applier. Skin appliers for Slink, Tangos and Phat azz are available to buy separately along with a bunch of brow and lipstick add-ons! Birdy’s skin for Enchantment is an exclusive and will never be sold again so get it while it’s available. It comes in a few skin tones and even an added scar tattoo layer so little Red can be a big badass! Also from Birdy is Savannah here who was an exclusive at The Seasons Story but now that it’s over, she may soon come to the mainstore if you like the look of her!




Love, your Anti-Valentine

Love, your Anti-Valentine

Dress: Chic Zafari – Femme fatale Bianca gown
Shoes: Fri.day – Amelia heels (New!)
Mannequin: Follow us – Adam

Just as I was about to hit the hay last night, a  Slurl that I had been eagerly anticipating for a long time was posted on Malena Scordia‘s Flickr, announcing the new collections that had arrived at Chic Zafari. The Femme Fatale collection is designed for sexy yet elegant women in mind with flattering gowns and dresses whereas the Work Bitch collection is aimed more towards dominant, powerful ladies and features strong lines and pencil skirts aplenty! I’m not totally sure if the Bianca gown you see here is part of the new line of releases (I’m going to assume yes since I haven’t seen anybody else wear it, and it is named in the Femme Fatale collection) but it sure is absolutely stunning. 100% rigged mesh, 5 standard sizes and a bunch of different colours to choose from too. You have never seen me run so fast in high heels!

I’m pairing this sexy gown with a pair of simple ruby heels. The Amelia heels have arrived fresh from the last round of Collabor88 into the Fri.day mainstore in five new colours you haven’t seen before. These are a slink mid feet add-on so you will need to purchase those first before you can wear these shoes as they were not made to fit the default avatar feet. Since the dress makes such a statement with its vivid red lace and sexy cut, I definitely didn’t want an overkill by added statement shoes too. These Amelia heels do the perfect job while still looking classy at the same time!

Love, your Anti-Valentine

Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Hair: Lamb – Pocket Knife (C88)
Jewelry: Lazuri – precious
Skybox: William Weaver – Build 002 (free)

Finally, the build I’m in is a marketplace freebie created by William Weaver. I wanted something that looked grungy and edgy as well as casted great shadows on the inside. This build certainly did the trick huh? I will warn you though, it is an enormous build and the rezzer that comes with it didn’t seem to work entirely so I had to unbox it and place each piece down myself (don’t worry, it’s a simple enough task) and I actually had to scale it down by quite a bit for the photo (again, no problem since it’s mod). But nonetheless it did its job well and it will probably assist me with future photo shoots!




Pink Sugar

Pink sugar

Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Eyes: Buzzeri – Hime eyes (Kustom9)
Brows: Buzzeri – Katie brows (Kustom9)
Blush: Gang/Cold – The cold is coming (Cosmetic fair)
Eyeshadow: Gang/Cold – Frost eyes (Cosmetic fair)
Eyeliner: Gang/Cold – Eyeliners (Cosmetic fair)
Lipstick applier: The sugar garden – Chu lips (Cosmetic fair)
Nails: Chic Zafari – Nails claw couture art (Cosmetic fair)
Pose: Zzang – Pin up dolls (Kustom9)


Hey pretty girls! There’s a ton of things I wanna talk about today including L.inc’s new Cute azz, The Cosmetic fair and a new round of Kustom9! So grab yourself a cup o’ joe and have your scrolling- hand at the ready!

So a couple days ago, Luck inc. (the creators of the famous Phat azz booty enhancement) came out with something that made me giddy with excitement! Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Phat azz’s slimmer and more adorable younger sister the Cute azz! I’m so excited about this product because although I loved the mesh on the Phat azz, I felt the shape was very overwhelming on my slender figure. But now you can have perfect joints and a smooth butt when you sit down without altering your shape to suit a well-endowned rear-end. All Phat azz appliers will work with the Cute azz so you don’t have to worry about buying more of those and (this is the best part) it will fit some of your standard sized mesh clothing! I tested it out on my lingerie, skirts and dresses the other day so if you’re interested to see how it fits, click here. Initially when I put it on fresh out of the box, I was a little worries by the shape, but increasing your hip length and decreasing your hip with makes it look a lot more natural and less perky. Overall I’m so so so impressed by this. It has everything I liked in the Phat azz without the wide leg gap and overwhelmingly large butt.  I should also mention that it also comes with a thicker thigh version too, two booty’s in one!

Pink sugar

Hair: Lamb – Pocket knife (Collabor88)
Buns: Illmatic – Kawaii kawaii (Kustom9)
Bow: LaViere & Tee*fy – Candy bows (10L$)
Dress: Little pink Tia – Latex mini dress Dripu (Limited quantities available!)
Socks: The Sugar garden – Prissy ruffle socks
Shoes: Fri.day – Bowtie pumps 
Fox: Aisling – Flocon (The seasons story)
Pose: Possession – China set (Kustom9)

The Cosmetic fair opened its doors to the public yesterday afternoon and I paid a brief visit to have a poke around. I had my fingers crossed for loud mouth lipsticks and I wasn’t disappointed. The Sugar garden has done it again with these beautiful glossy lips in a ton of  sugary colours as well as variations to match any skintone. Also at the fair are these rockin’ stilletto manicures for Slink hands by Chic Zafari and wintery blushes, tintable eyeshadows and staple eyeliners from Gang/Cold. So if you’re looking to update your look without splurging on a fresh new skin, then stop by the fair and try out some demos! There’s everything there from mesh heads to hairs to eyes to nails to lipsticks and all at very reasonable prices.

Staying on the Cosmetic theme are the new releases from Buzzeri at Kustom9. The Katie brows have a lovely gradient to them and come in a bunch of natural colours as well as a set you can tint yourself and the Hime eyes are beautifully glittery and are bound to give your eyes that much-needed sparkle! My little buns are from Illmatic at the event and come in a few colours and a hairbase to wear them with, but I thought it’d be cute to wear them with one of my Lamb hairs from Collabor88! Whichever way you decide to wear them, they’re modify so you can tint them to better match whatever hairstyle you like!

Phew, I might need to take a breather after all that!



When Winter met Spring

When Winter met Spring

Hair: Calico – Eira (Hunt Prize)
Outfit: FLG – Revellion outfit (Free)
Pose: Del may – You were saying something?


Happy wednesday everyone! I have some gorgeous gifts to show you today, in fact, this entire outfit is free aside from the necklace, skin and makeup! So why don’t I just go ahead and show you all the goodies?

Ikon has a brand spanking new gift for all group members! These pretty blue eyes are called Promise and they’re so beautiful! They take advantage of Ikon’s new HUD system and come with mesh and standard eyes. The HUD is extremely powerful and allows you to accurately control the size, direction, brightness, glow, you name it! The Ikon group is free to join and Ikon puts out a new gift every month, but they’re only available for the first 10 days so step to it!

When Winter met Spring

Skin: Glam affair – Elvi
Eyes: Ikon –  Promise eyes (Group gift)
Necklace: Cae – Snow queen necklace

This beautiful hair and jewelled headpiece are a free hunt prize at Calico! The hair comes with a HUD so you can change the colours of the flowers, headpiece and hair itself, you can also turn off the dreadlocks! It’s beautifully fantastical and looks great in any RP setting or even makes for a dramatic hairstyle for every day wear as well. The Nevermore Winter Solstice hunt ends on the 21st January, so you still have a little while to head over to Calico and grab this beauty.

Finally, the top and skirt are the new gift over at FLG. They update their gifts very often and sometimes even have gifts for men too, but this time it’s something for the ladies. The top also comes with Lolas Tango appliers so you bustier ladies can rock it too!


Location: Happy Mood